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My Story

Hey Friends,
I'm Sandra-the creator behind Sing Play Create, and my passion is all about providing creative and original resources for teachers who want to have inspiring, fun and joyful learning moments with their students.  I'm a music teacher, mom and grandma and love to write music, make up games and make music. My passion is creating materials to help my fellow teachers in the trenches, have positive and rewarding experiences with their students.

 Being so tired from dancing all day that you fall asleep watching TV?
Going crazy planning for music programs and teaching seven grade levels every day?
Craving Dark chocolate on the weeks before the holiday breaks?
Rising early to do Yoga and Meditation to help with stress and fitness?
Implementing more student centered activities and technology in your classroom?
Counting the days to the next school break?
Love most of all to be with family and friends.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you and I have a lot in common. I know that a teacher's job is hard-demanding-never ends-  So I began putting together my songs, lesson plans, activities for movement, and literacy resources with songs and movement in them to help teachers have access to original and creative materials in their classrooms that would make their job EASIER.


I started my TPT store so that I could help you by providing ready made, effective, standards based resources that work for today's students.

You and I both know that creative learning opportunities empower students across all subject areas.

I also believe that Active and Engaging activities are the best way to help students learn. Sing Play Create Resources are perfect for Home school, Preschool, Music and Elementary School Teachers.

Resources include GAMES, MUSIC, and LITERACY products.

 My wish is that all teachers would incorporate the ARTS into their classroom teaching so that children can sing-play-LIVE creatively.

For music teachers I created the

music class essentials basic
    music class essentials basic especially for New and or Experienced teachers who are looking for songs, games and lessons that will provide a basic framework for your music classroom. It's flexible and blends incredibly well with Orff and Kodaly based classrooms. In fact, you'll find the ALL of my resources can easily blended into your current curriculum. The Music Class Essentials Basic Package has enough materials to kick start your curriculum with songs and games for every grade level K-6 Elementary teachers are loving the Games and Brain Breaks that I've created for K-6 classrooms.

My goal is to seek ways to make learning fun and active and resources that make a teacher's life easier! I'm putting all that creative energy to good use.
Thanks for stopping by my website. I would love to get to know you. I hope you'll take a minute and subscribe to my newsletter for access to the resource library and monthly free resources.
"Sing" cerely, Sandra Hendrickson