I pulled up this video to show my 6th graders so that we could do a little square dancing on Wednesday. It reminded me of the musical talents I’ve been blessed with and how I try to share them with others in a positive and inspiring way.
Although I never met my mother’s Dad, I’m sure most of my music talents come from him. From what she’s said, he could play any instrument and dance better than most. He loved music and a song was always on his lips.
I am grateful for my music talents. Music has always been the joyful thing in my life-especially when things haven’t gone according to plan and I might find myself a little discouraged. It lifts and inspires, keeps me busy and enlightens me too. I feel happy when I am teaching music and when I am making music. There’s only one other joy that surpasses it-and that is the blessing of my four children and now three grandchildren. Just hearing their voices and seeing them brings about such great joy in my heart–something I am always grateful for.
So be grateful for the music in your life and for the people in your life! I am!
Happy Thanksgiving!


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