Have you ever wondered how it happens. You play the intro to a song and the students immediately respond through movement. This is one of those times in the classroom when the students just took over and did their thing.  The video was shot about 2 months ago….we’ve come “solfa” since then! (Yes I see the little munchkin in the background wandering around. I love how they watch each other and take cues and then follow the actions. This is a special class and we’ve had a great time building on their natural creativity. Creating a safe classroom where students can sing and play and express themselves takes good classroom management and good modeling. Relax, do something crazy!  Write a song on the fly, do silly actions, over act, get out a puppet. All of the things you do that are out of the box will encourage students to do the same. If you’re always in the box how will they know they can step out?

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