(5) Sandra H Music
Photo: Connections: American Symbols, Rhythm, Math, Coins
Here’s my board this week. I always put something up just in case my projector or computer doesn’t work. I like visuals. The games I made up about “WHO IS ON THE COIN”  are really fun. The kids are having a great time pretending to be a president and trying to guess who else has the same “president” that they have.
It’s a great way to learn the president’s names and the coin values.  I change up the games a little bit depending on the grade levels. When the kids come in the room I call them President “….” and then we try to remember some important facts about that president.
 I also asked 3rd graders to combine LINCOLN and WASHINGTON to make a ta-ta-ti-ti-ta rhythm ostinato. They chanted the names as I played the melody today. Next time, I’ll divide them into 2 groups and let them sing and chant together. Then, we’ll play the melody on the xylophones and have all 3 things going at once. I love weaving in Singing, Playing and Games into the lessons–kids love it!

My fifth graders really got into playing parts in the LINCOLN and WASHINGTON game. I added another character “Paul Revere”, who has to ride out to the Oval Office to get the President, who’s waiting outside the door.  They loved it!

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