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Don’t You Think Kids “Dig” Dinosaurs and Why Does It Matter?


I have found the children are enthralled by anything “Dinosaur”. My own grandchildren had me calling them T-Rex and Steggo for several days during my last visit. Why one of their favorite stuffed animals is their daddy’s own “Dino” from when he was a young child.

During my visit, the most fun was giving one of them 10 large sized dinosaur toys I’d found at a popular store for just $1.00 each. They could toss, stomp, hit, dig with, and trample on these sturdy dinosaurs without a worry of destroying them. So, I know from first hand experience that boys just love them. Girls do too–I think? So I thought you might enjoy a sample song from my Dinosaur Songs and Readers Theater product.
We all know that children-especially young children learn through experience. This product I made gives them a lot of experiences. Singing, Moving, Reading, Listening-DOING!

Combining cute graphics, and an ACTION STORY with suggestions for sounds and instruments, along with a simple yet fun Readers Theater script makes this bundle a powerful tool for building literacy. Reluctant readers will love acting out “stomp” “chomp” and “swim” action words. Use with your whole class, or use in small groups, Daily 5.

Reading teachers, English language teachers and music teachers will love the well written and engaging materials.

I know that the more kids feel connected to the material they are reading the more they will be engaged in learning. So, Dig it Up!
I’m so passionate about helping kids read. If I wasn’t a music teacher-I’d teach Reading!  I love learning from other teachers how to be better “reading” teachers. And, I want to make my LITERACY products perfect for classroom teachers. 
Here’s a lady who knows her stuff! HELLO LITERACY
and here are her tips for teaching reading using poems.

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