Celebrate FATHER’S DAD’S DAY with a SONG, POEM and WRITING Activity

Celebrate FATHER’S DAD’S DAY with a SONG, POEM and WRITING Activity

I used to do all kinds of these activities with my own children on Sunday’s. I wanted them to do some deep thinking on that day–and something different than the normal routine. Many Sunday’s we’d work on our picture book albums, letters to grandparents and journals. I’ve always thought it important to save the sweet moments in our lives in pictures.  Here’s my husband and our 3rd son. So sweet!

Here’s fun Father’s Day Bundle that can keep your little ones busy getting something fun ready for Dad.  Or use it at your Day Camp, Day Care or as part of your homeschool activities.

Here’s what you get in this bundle:

I’ve really enjoyed using my Poetry Writing skills in these fun Literacy Bundles.

And I had to laugh about the whole CRAFTIVITY rage going on…I not only was a GIRL SCOUT, but I have 4 EAGLE SCOUTS at my house. We were really into the whole Craft thing for a while and so you’ll see how I’ve given your more than 1 idea on how to make a cute Tie for Dad for Father’s Day.
You could have your kids put on a little show for dad and sing the song, say the poem and then have him wear the tie all day…it’d look great with a T-SHIRT TOO!

Most importantly, it’s the fact that we’re teaching kids how to say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU in a meaningful way. It also encourages Dad’s to express their feelings of love for their kids…awwww….so cute!
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HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL THE DAD’S. Celebrate with Love and Joy!

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