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Hi Friends,
I thought I’d just share with you about my experience with the TPT Video Contest. I had a lot of fun making the video! Things I wish I could have done?  I wish I’d just had more time to make it a bit better, like add in some more views of me teaching as I’m singing–I think that would have been fun. I did the whole video project by myself-and so I had to cut some corners–but isn’t that how we learn. That’s been my experience with TPT. It’s really a place to learn and grow. Every day when we walk through those school doors we don’t know when we’ll have the magical teaching moment–you can’t plan them! We just know that we want to have them and we want to find the best ways to have them more often. I entered the contest because TPT really has changed my life. I love the energy and the expectations that owning a store demands from me as a professional. And, it’s caused me to up my own teaching game. So once again, THANK YOU for reading my BLOG, Following me at my STORE, Following me on FACEBOOK and PINTEREST!  Thanks for giving me a chance to work harder and do my best. I’m just getting started on this journey and I hope you’ll stick around–there’s more FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS and fun things coming from this great experience.

I actually won a concession prize!  


You can read about all the prizes here:



I’m so excited I can hold still!  I’m one of 15 contestants in the SHOW YOUR TPT LOVE VIDEO CONTEST!  I want to win because I’d love to take a trip to New York?  No!  I want to win because TPT has really changed my life. I was pretty stuck as far as finding a way to use my creative talents and the TPT store not only opened a big door for me–it opened me to learning so many new skills, refining my skills and most importantly-SHARING my Creativity!  I love collaborating and sharing creative things and TPT gave me a chance. I took it and I’m on a journey there-just like many of you–but TPT has been good to me!  So when you vote think about these things:
Here’s the criteria:

What will the TpT Panel be looking for when choosing the Top 15 and the TpT staff pick?
  • We will be judging your video based on these 4 criteria:
    • Creativity: Get creative with your video! You can easily record a video of you sitting at your desk looking at the camera, but we’d love to see you get up and film somewhere that adds to your story or provides a creative backdrop. The format of your video is also up to you — you can make a list, create graphics, use props, and more!
    • Originality: We want your video to be true to you. It should tell your story, not a general one that can apply to any other TpT’er. We’re looking for uniqueness, which will come naturally if you’re true to your own personal story.
    • Production Quality and Length: If your video is shaky and blurry, it will be hard to focus on the quality of your content. Be sure to make a video that is produced to the best of your ability. Now is the time to bring out the inner filmmaker in you! In addition, your video should be longer than 30 seconds, but also under 2 minutes.
    • Evokes Emotion: We love videos that make us cry as much as the ones that make us laugh. Your story should evoke emotion from the audience that causes them to remember your story well beyond the end of the video.
  • Here’s the link to my video:
You can Vote Every day! You’ll see the rankings rising and falling throughout the contest…so fun! Can’t wait to see who wins.

 Here’s the link to all of the Videos–you can choose for yourself which one you love.

Use this hashtag!  #tptshowyourlovevideocontest
Want to help me win?  Copy and past the link to Facebook into your PINTEREST, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and Instagram accounts!

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