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Hi Friends,

I’m linking up with Aileen Miracle and sharing 3 things that went well last week. I’m loving these blog articles because they are helping me stay grateful for the magic moments in my classroom. I’ve never kept a journal of my teaching experiences-but now I think it’s a  great idea! I’m learning too about my teaching by writing down things that “went well”.


Many of you teach the so-mi song “Coo-Coo”, but this year my Kinders are really taking to it!  They can’t wait to sing the part of the bird as a solo!  Usually I’ll get a few-but this year everyone’s hands are flying up when I bring out my little friend.

I’m always encouraging fellow teachers to use what they have and not stress out about making things perfect. The children remember the experiences much more than how “awesome” your puppet looks. In fact, you can see a little masking tape I’ve used to attach this laminated birdie to a popsicle stick.  That’s because I already had the puppet form a LONG, LONG, LONG time ago!  I’d just never used it–and when I began teaching Kodaly songs…wa laaa!  I had a Coo Coo Bird.
The students pass the puppet to each other as they take turns singing this song…It’s been a joy to watch. What could you use that you already have to teach this fun song?

When I greet my students in the hallway I try to have some kind of a “interest catcher”. I might say, “I’ve got a special visitor for you today so I hope you are bringing in your manners.” Or, “I have a surprise waiting for you. Who can show me they are ready?”  I find that they are sooooooo excited to come into Music Class when I’ve got something “special” planned for them.
My students love to play instruments. I’ve been experimenting with different ways to teach them. I came up with these things I wanted to figure out:
Learn the “etiquette” of taking care of the instruments
Teach the Steady Beat and Rhythms using the Instruments.

Here’s what I came up with:

2- Use the phrase; “on the floor-hands in lap” after we pass out the instruments.
3- Create a power point to show the instruments and the Beat and have students play along.

Then I made some DYNAMICS pictures to help teach when to play LOUD and SOFT.
My students were so excited to play the instruments. They loved the way we sounded like a BAND! I was able to keep the STEADY BEAT going as we went from slide to slide and instrument to instrument. It was a magical moment!  
I shared about the Coo Coo puppet, but wanted to just show you another puppet I used in a different setting. I teach “FROG IN THE MILLPOND” to my 3rd Graders. I use as an introductory lesson to the instruments.  I pulled out my little friend, 

And made up a story about *Froggy’s Band. Froggy went down to the pond looking for his friends to join his band.  When he saw Snake he asked him to play the EGG SHAKER…and on I went through the various classroom instruments until we had a Rhythm Band.

I then used some of the same slides as I shared above-but I had made some with more complicated Rhythm Patterns. Watch out Disney!  My kids loved it!  They did really well-kept their attention focused and manners on. At the end I told them that we had to leave the pond and wash all the mud off our clothes and get back to school—they giggled!
I feel like it’s so important to let the Music Room be a room of FANTASY-MAKE BELIEVE- and POSSIBILITIES!  Don’t you?

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