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2016 New Years Resolutions


Since it is almost 2016, it’s time to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions! 
Here are my resolutions for 2016:
I’m always working on getting more fit–but now I’ve been working on my–yes that nasty word none of us likes to hear during the holidays…DIET!
We are what we eat. It’s a simple fact that we either choose to face or not…Food is satisfying, rewarding, energizing and complicated. I’ve totally changed the way I eat and so far I’ve lost 15 lbs in about 4 months. I’m eating a lot more vegetables-3 to 4 times a day and I’m listening to my body more. It’s very personal–but I intend to lose 10 more lbs…wish me luck! It’s HARD! 


I’m a workaholic too! I never run out of projects or ideas or things to do. It drives some people in my family crazy..but it’s the way I stay sane. I like to multi-task and I like to be engaged on different levels-mental, physical and emotional (creative).  So I have to work at closing things down at the end of the day. So I’ve been experimenting with Meditation, Stretching and Yoga before bedtime.
Sometimes it’s the most simple lessons that have the most impact on students. As teachers we always are trying new methods, new classroom organization, new materials, new strategies…but isn’t the most important thing to get kids experiencing music? 
I’ve found that some of the most fun we’ve had in the music room was when I just played the guitar and the kids sang a silly song–and then we’d make up different words to it. 
Here’s an example from another blog post I wrote about songwriting. 
It’s to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, or, “I Wish I Were a Little Bar of Soap”. How about substituting “bar of soap” for ?

Oh, I wish I was a little bar of soap, bar of soap

Oh, I wish I was a little bar of soap, bar of soap
I’d go slidey, slidey, slidey over every-body’s hidey
Oh, I wish I was a little bar of soap, bar of soap.
I came up with these words:
Oh I wish I were a speedy road bike.
Oh I wish I were a speedy road bike.
I would ride where I would like—
And I’d never take a hike—
Oh I wish I were a speedy road bike.
You could use a WINTER THEME and add in some fun movement actions. Pretend to build a snowman, dance on the word “fun” and then “melt” to the ground. This would be great for K-3
Oh I wish I were a frosty snowman.
Oh I wish I were a frosty snowman.
I would have a lot of fun
as I melted in the sun–
Oh I wish I were a frosty snowman.
How about these ideas?
Oh I wish I were a pretty snowflake…
Oh I wish I were a speedy sled…
Oh I wish I were a giant winter storm.
Maybe add in some instruments and you’ve got a great lesson filled with simple fun activities.


This year has been a bit crazy with me changing my logo and updating all of my products–which are not quite finished…but my main goal is to continue to develop monthly lesson bundles that you can use for all grades, a lot more songs that are great for K-4 and beginning choirs and to write for my blog more regularly, always including ideas that are easily implemented in your classroom. I’d love to create a database of some Freebies that teachers can always find here and use readily in the classroom too. 

Classroom Management Song to Sit Down "Criss-Cross Applesa SCIENCE SONG: "Germination" Plant Cycle *Writing *Mp3's *TCHORAL SONG: "All Around the World" *Holiday *Friendship *
KODALY SIGHT SINGING*so *mi *la *Curwen Hand Signs *I Can'sFREEBIE: Concert Manners Poem for Music-Drama-Events-Progr

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? 

To Celebrate the New Year and get a kick start on my resolutions I’ve teamed up with some other music teachers and we’re holding a 20% off sale on Friday Dec. 31 and Sat. January 1.

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