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Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with a Sale and Freebies

Don’t you just love it when parents or other teachers say “awesome job!” after you’ve worked your tail off for a music program or some special lesson? I do–and it’s a great time of year to get pumped up for next year too! A little bit of praise goes a long way towards a positive attitude!
So to share in the celebration I’m offering several of my Back to School items at significant discounts so that they are 30% and more off May 3rd and 4th.
Use the code CELEBRATE to get up to 28% off everything in my store and more on many items.
I have several MUSIC CLASS Bundles with songs, chants and games for each elementary school grade level that will kick off your music class year with enthusiasm and energy. You’ll have so many new things in your bag of tricks to get you through the year using the resources in this Music Class Bundle. 
                                 MUSIC CLASSROOM ESSENTIAL SONGS GAMES RULES K-6 Mp3 Printables

Looking for a Multi-Cultural “World”theme?  This is my mega bundle with amazing graphics to completely decorate your classroom that includes all the games and songs too! Mega Bundle of Music Class Games, Songs, Chants and Decor:
                                  Music Class Mega Bundle of Song, Decor, Games and Posters:

How about some fun Games you can use all year long?  I just revised this set of Bean Bag games for the Music Classroom.

                                  Music Class Bean Bag Games-Assessment, Review and End of Y

And as promised: Freebies Yeah!

Criss-cross applesauce Song and Classroom Management strategy:
                                       Song for Classroom Management: "Criss-Cross Applesauce" Mp3
Science Song “Germination”
                                Song: "Germination" with Science and Literacy Activities
Freebie Posters:
                               MIOSM POSTER FREEBIE "WHAT'S YOUR SUPER POWER?" I help kid
                                       Music Posters "Why I Like Music" Freebie Classroom Decor
Mother’s Day Song and Writing Activity for any Classroom
Choral Round:
                       Song: "Come Along and Sing With Me" for Choir with Kodaly
Kodaly sight singing activity for class or choir
                        KODALY SIGHT SINGING*so *mi *la *Curwen Hand Signs *I Can's
Concert Manners Poem for Elementary school programs, assemblies and concerts.
                        FREEBIE: Concert Manners Poem for Music-Drama-Events-Progr
Know that you are appreciated!

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