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How to Inspire Students to Rise to be Respectful


If you’re like me, you’re hoping you can inspire your students to rise to the occasion and learn and succeed in this coming school year. But first you’re going to need to find ways to inspire them to join your “learning party” and that means they’ll have to be RESPECTFUL.  You’re dreaming of a classroom community of willing and able learners who will work together to achieve academic success–right?
 Hmm, forget the academics–RESPECT in the classroom is critical to student success! Inspiring students to rise to be respectful so that you can teach, they can learn and then succeed is the critical element that can be the most difficult to achieve. I think that to inspire learning, you’re going to need some incredible lessons and activities that will keep your students fired up about what you want them to achieve. 
Teaching math is one thing-but trying to “instill” a character trait in a child in the few hours of time you have them in our classroom might seem like a mountain you may not be able to climb. So what CAN you do?
I’ve come up with 3 things I think need to consider to help you inspire student learning.
It’s definitely important to have rules and consequences, but sometimes having too many rules can confuse students. What classroom management plan works for you? I have distinct rules and consequences-but I also like to keep things simple and specific. I like the phrase, “Keep your hands, feet and words”, to yourself. It covers a lot of rules, like stay in personal space, be quiet when working, raise your hand, don’t touch, and more. You can actually sing these words to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It!” 
Keep your hands, feet and words to yourself. (clap, clap)
Keep your hands, feet and words to yourself. (clap, clap)
If you want to be nice, then follow this advice-
Keep your hands, feet and words to yourself. (clap, clap)
Back to School Music Class Curriculum with Songs,Chants,Ga
I also like to use the word “Manners” instead of rules. For me it’s a bit more “kid” friendly.  I also like the phrase “Work Hard and Be Nice” which is my school’s motto. It’s short, sweet and to the point. 
How about a nice set of manners posters?

Freebie: Manners and Classroom Rules Posters

Freebie Classroom Manners Posters



Yep-games, games and more games-at least tell the kids that’s what they are doing!  I just created some adorable monster posters and I’m using them for my back to school lessons. I tell the kids that they have to “beat the monsters” to move up in levels in the game. All of a sudden I’ve got them!  Check these guys out:

Back to School Body Percussion Activity and Lessons "Clap-
If you’re a regular classroom teacher you might like this Freebie Ice Breaker Game can be played in any K-6 Classroom-Music, Art, PE, Special Ed and Regular Ed.
Freebie : Back to school or Ice Breaker Game

Freebie Ice Breaker Game for Elementary Students K-6

Classroom Games Brain Breaks, Team Building, PE


Singing and Moving makes the grade for all students. You just can’t go wrong with a song! Grab this freebie with chants and songs to line up and to take little brain breaks. 

Freebie Line Up and Brain Break Chants, Songs and Activities

Music Freebie: Back to School Writing Activity about Summer Music

Freebie: Body Percussion Activity "On the Beat" Lesson Ide
If you’re interested, here are some resources I’ve created to help teachers inspire a respectful classroom environment. 
Back to School Classroom Management Songs, Games, and Rule
Song for Character Education: "Respect" Literacy Activitie
Song for Character Education: "I Want to be Trustworthy" L
Song for Character Education: "To Be Fair" with Literacy A
Character Education Bundle of Songs, Games, Posters and Wr
I know you’ll inspire your students to achieve great things this year!



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