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Terrific Teacher Tips to Motivate and Energize your New School Year

I’m sharing 3 TERRIFIC TIPS you can use in your classroom to help you stay energized and motivated and maybe work a little magic into the school year. These three teaching tools are tried and true devices that I use ALL THE TIME! I love to connect with my students by engaging their imagination. Children love to pretend and if you can tap into that side of their brain-then you’ve hooked them! So adding in some drama and “pretend” to your classroom will not only endear you to your students, it will help you stay energized and motivated in your teaching. 
TERRIFIC TIP #1  Magic Glasses:

 Ok kids, get out your Magic “Music” Glasses and take a look around the room. When we wear our magic glasses we are super silent. Let’s see there’s…..(you can mention something that you want to bring to their attention).

All I do is take my fingers and make circles around my eyes and pretend that they are glasses. The students copy me and then we look around the room with our glasses.
You could definitely use this teaching tool for “Reading”, or “Writing” or, “Math” to get students attention.
I use this teaching tool when I have something new on display, like a puppet or poster or an instrument in front.
This teaching tool is also a great way to bring attention to something special a student is doing. It’s a really fun way to compliment a student who is following your directions. It can bring silence to the room and help you transition. How about using it to look at the clock? or the job chart? What ways could you use the Magic Glasses Teaching Tool?
TERRIFIC TIP #2  Magic Camera:

I have a blast with this teaching tool. All I do is pretend to hold a camera in my hands.  It’s a fun teaching tool to use to teach the students where they can find something. It might be to show them where they stand, sit, move to, or where an instrument get’s put away, or even where they can find the drinking fountain, door, their team mate, working partner, books, anything!  I tell them that they get 1 click on the camera. “Okay students, pull out your magic camera’s. It’s time to take a picture of your number, now take a picture of your neighbor, your other neighbor, of me (funny pose), and the whole class (hilarious as everyone holds up their imaginary camera and pretends to take a picture) and lastly, take a selfie to remember this moment.  
I have to say-the kids are ENGAGED when we use our Magic Camera’s. I have their attention, they are focused, they are listening–it’s just awesome!  What ways would you use the Magic Camera teaching tool?
TERRIFIC TIP #3 Magic Glue:

You are probably wondering about this teaching tool-it sounds sticky!  Not really, it’s especially helpful to keep kids in their seats-chairs or floor-standing or sitting. I have them put on their Magic Glue to stay put in their spaces. I might have them put the Magic Glue on their feet, or on their “seat”, depending on if we are standing or sitting down.
I also use this teaching tool when we’re holding mallets or shakers or other small hand instruments. It’s especially helpful with  Kindergarten or Preschool aged children.

Using make believe in your classroom will not only keep students engaged, but it will help you stay energized and motivated too!

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