Celebrate “We Are a Nation of Kindness”

Celebrate “We Are a Nation of Kindness”

I’m spreading the word on celebrating kindness and it get’s me thinking- hard!  First of all, I ask myself, “Am I kind?”  “What does Kindness mean?”, “How can I teach it in the music room?”  I may not answer all these questions, but I hope I’ll inspire you to think about how to celebrate “We Are  a Nation of Kindness”.

National kindness day is in November, but I teach “kindness” in February during my Valentine’s Day Lessons. Keep reading through this post for 3 ways to teach kindness in your classroom.

Why I believe that it matters-

It’s true-

I believe that as teachers we can set an example of kindness and respect in the way we treat our students and the way we treat each other.

In fact–

I believe it, but I know that it’s hard to do because we’re all human right?


For example, my first graders love to sing this friendship song. They hold hands and at the end of the song point to someone in the class singing “I like you and you like me. We can be friends, it’s so easy!”

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FRIENDSHIP SONG: “I Like You and You Like Me”

Friendship song and literacy activities for primary students in elementary school.











In addition, you’ll find writing activities and games to help your students make friends!




I’ve always believed that we- as in teachers- CAN make a difference. Because I also believe that Character really does matter!

Equally important is the fact that teaching kindness validates feelings of kindness and empowers students to keep trying to be kind.

So, when I began my teaching career, I wrote these character education songs to sing with my students to help them learn the rules in my classroom.

I love using songs to help students learn concepts.


Here’s How I use the song in the music room-
First- students move to the music.
Second- students learn the lyrics through echo chant. Then discuss the meaning.
Third- students learn the melody.
Fourth-Sing the song.
Perform the song for character concert, beginning of school assemblies, refresh and remind students about classroom rules at the beginning of the school year or right after a break from school.


In the elementary classroom, songs can be great discussion starters and writing starters too.
Try singing a character education song at your morning meeting or right before your students go to recess.
Sing the song
Discuss the words
Use a circle map to help define the main idea
Have students write about their ideas
Share ideas
Refer back to the song and ideas when students need a refresher.

Looking for Character Education songs for your classroom?

Teach character education through music and literacy activities.











Build Classroom community and teach Character Education in your morning meeting and literacy circles using this county music style song “To Be Fair” with Writing Activities, Coloring Posters a Game to help your students learn about respecting others.










Character education songs games and lessons from Sing Play Create.










Get the Bundle of songs and lessons here: CHARACTER EDUCATION SONGS, GAMES, LITERACY BUNDLE
Character education songs, lessons, activities from Sing Play Create for the elementary classroom, music programs and schools.












It’s true- read a book!

Kids love them!

If you’re able, go to the school library and check out some books that teach kindness, caring, friendship and being nice.

Use the books as discussion starters.

Here’s an easy lesson plan for any classroom.

  • Read a book-
  • Sing a song-
  • Play a game-
  • Sing the song again-
  • Share kindness ideas-

Looking for some popular kindness books? If you’re interested in building your own library of book resources, I found these on Amazon (remember that I get a small kickback).

“Be Kind”

“Kindness Starts with You”

“We’re All Wonders”

And, I’ve found that reading books is a great way to open the discussion about kindness and help students understand how to be kind.


Why not celebrate kindness by playing games?  Bean Bag Games are perfect to help students learn to play with each other kindly.

Get free music resource from Sing Play Create when you subscribe. Get this free resource when you subscribe to the Sing Play Create Resource Library











Although bean bag games are great for “fun” and “movement” activities, I’ve found that bean bag games can also be for team building and for assessment.

Here’s a top-selling resource that will help you easily add bean bag games in your classroom.

Music Class Bean Bag Games-Assessment, Review, Brain Breaks K-6










Likewise, I also use them for creative movement activities.

Consequently, it’s why I wrote this bean bag song to help students learn how to hold the bean bag. It’s especially helpful with preschool and kindergarten students.

Specifically, I use it in my classroom to introduce bean bags to my students.

Get the full resource “Bean Bag Activity Songs” HERE

Bean Bag Activity Songs, Brain Breaks, Team Building, Mp3 Tracks and Video










Check out this blog post with FREE GAMES.

“Back to School Songs, Games, and Activities”

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Find music education lessons, tips and resources at Sing Play Create Blog.

I’m hoping that you’ll find some resources here to help you teach your students about kindness.




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FREE resources for February elementary music class lessons from Sing Play Create.Teach kindness in music class with these free activities from Sing Play Create.


Hope you’ll share this post with your teacher friends!
Celebrate kindness in music class through songs, games and activities. Help your music students learn how to be kind through music activities.

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