Easter and Spring are just around the corner-for me spring is already blooming in the desert and the trees are blooming as well as all of the desert cactus. It’s a great time to reinforce music class concepts and add movement for the spring wiggles. 

I hope you’ll keep reading to find the  FREE- FABULOUS and FUN resources you can use immediately-with NO PREP at the end of the article.
Egg shakers are hand percussion instruments like Maracas. They are found in Caribbean and Latin American Music resources. Some music styles that depend upon this fun percussion sound are Samba and Mariachi. Students will love exploring these kinds of music styles while moving and playing games with the egg shakers.


If you’re a music teacher, you’re sure to have some kind of maracas or egg shakers.
Don’t have any? no problem.
Grab some from the dollar store, or your favorite shop.
Open them up and put in a bit of rice and some dry beans, like Pinto or kidney, put them back together using hot glue.
You can make some using recycled containers. Fill them with rice, beans, spaghetti or other (dry) noodles and duct tape them together.  If you’re not in a big hurry-you can paint them too.
I’ve also made them from the plastic eggs you can find everywhere. Just fill them up with some of the above ingredients and I use clear packing tape to seal them up. Mine actually lasted for over 10 years!


Pass out all of the eggs to your students. Put on some of your favorite music, and ask students to play the steady beat. For more fun, have them walk in a circle and play their eggs.


I like to divide the class into small groups and ask group #1 to play the beat and group #2 plays the rhythm. Then we switch parts.
I do love to use classical music too! I found this pretty video with spring flowers to Vivaldi’s Spring from The Four Seasons.
Or this one with a picture of Mt. Fuji at the end.

Each video is about 4 minutes long which is perfect for the younger students.
Older students might enjoy shaking eggs to some Latin Music.
This video features some fancy guitar playing.


I have the students sit in 2 circles, one circle inside the other. Then I play the music. Students love this variation! Instead of sitting out-they trade places with the student in the other circle.  With upper elementary students, I will create 3 circles.

Three Little Birds
Bonjour Pra Voce


I love Laurie Berkner and this song is perfect for Egg Shakers!
Or try learning to Samba! (for upper elementary only)


I love this song that Miss Nina sings while kids shake their eggs.
Or this song by
Here are the lyrics sung to the tune of “London Bridges”. You could do this without their video. Play this song using 2 simple chords on the Guitar or Ukulele: C and G7…Or on the xylophones have students play the steady beat on C and G as other students sing the song. 
Shake your shakers in the air
Shake it here, shake it there
Shake your shakers in the air
Shake your shakers.
Shake it high and shake it low (I change my voice to
reflect High/Low)
Shake it yes, shake it no
Shake it high and shake it low
Shake your shakers
Shake it up and shake it down (Hold it up high and then
down low)
Shake your shaker on the ground
Shake it up and shake it down
Shake your shakers
Shake it near and shake it far
Drive your shaker like a car
Shake it near and shake it far
Shake your shaker
Shake it fast and shake it slow
Shake it stop, shake it go
Shake it fast and shake it slow

Shake your shaker

I do Like Nancy Music’s song SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE–it plays as soon as you upload the web page-but it’s free and I know your Kinders will love it!
To finish off the lesson, you could have students write a HAIKU using
 Rhythmic notation from 
Spring Haiku Rhythm Activity Freebie
And, I found some fun and easy songs you can sing with no-prep. 
Over at Sally’s Sea of Songs there’s a fun FREEBIE “SPRING FLOWERS” VOCAL EXPLORATIONS. 

Spring Flowers Animated Vocal Explorations PowerPoint and
It’s an interactive power point file that you can download and use right away. 

If you’re interested,  I have a really fun “Shake Your Egg” 
ACTIVITY SONG: "Shake Your Egg!" for Easter, Spring, Movement with Video

song that also reinforces colors.

 I have students play only when it’s their “color” turn. It’s a great activity for those visual and kinesthetic/tactile learners. The video keeps student attention focused and engaged. They love the song…here’s a preview of the song:  

You can find it in my store: “SHAKE YOUR EGG-ACTIVITY SONG” WITH VIDEO and MP3.
Most of all–have a good time using egg shakers to get the  spring “wiggles” out. Try using some of these activities “before” you teach a mini-lesson…I find that an activity song can also be a good transition song and helps students settle down and get ready to learn something new.
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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for creative ways to integrate movement into your classroom. Here’s some Blog Posts that you’ll want to check out!

Happy Spring!
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