Apple Tree So Mi La Music Lesson


Apple Tree So Mi La Music Lesson


“Apple Tree” is an original song and game that will help you teach, review and assess so-mi-la, sixteenth note rhythms and review quarter and eighth notes. Students love the easy to play Orff arrangement and exciting game as well as the practice worksheets and flash cards. The game is perfect for Back to School activities to help students learn the names of their classmates or to play throughout the year. Perfect for grades 3-5
*Please note that this resource is NOT the same as K-3 Version This song uses sixteenth notes.

Use this resource in you back to school lessons to review rhythms and notes and get to know all of your student names.
Use this resource throughout the year by playing the song and game as review and assessment of skills.
Use the “Interactive/Smart Board” graphics and pages for whole class or station activities.

• 54 pages, 19 Graphics, 2 Mp3 files
• 7 Lesson Procedures
• Teaching pages for rhythm, solfege, Ostinato
• Sheet Music -“Apple Tree” Song –Note Names, Orff Accompaniment, Solfege
• Mp3 Practice Track
• 2-Worksheets-Create a Melody, Create a Rhythm
• FLASHCARDS-Color and Black/White apples and rhythmic notation
• 6 I CAN STATEMENTS for each learning goal
• 2- BLANK FRAMED SHEETS and 15 Apple Rhythm Smart Notebook Graphics
1) Teaching Procedures.
2) Learning Goals.
3) Mp3 Practice Accompaniment Track
4) Rhythmic Review for quarter, quarter rest, sixteenth, eighth notes.
5) Sheet Music -“Apple Tree”-so-mi-la sight singing/playing, Orff Accompaniment and Ostinato, note names melody and bass
6) 2 -PRACTICE SHEETS Create a so mi la Melody. Create a Rhythmic pattern.
7) FLASHCARDS-Color & B/W apples & rhythms
8) I CAN STATEMENTS – I Can Sing so-mi-la, I Can Play so-mi-la, I Can Play Rhythms, I Can Play Rhythm Patterns, I can Play Melody Patterns, I Can Create Rhythm Patterns, I Can Create Melody Patterns.
9) Smartboard Activity -write the Rhythm or Melody- Set of Apple Note graphics to use in a smartnotebook or other interactive white board. Images are png files .
10) Graphics in (picture) png files to use with interactive whiteboards.
11) Printable Sheet music with solfege
12) Printable Sheet music with note names
13) Printable Sheet music with Orff Arrangement
14) Printable Sheet music for Teacher

• Students will learn the symbols and be able to use these rhythms:
Sixteenth notes
Eighth notes
2 Sixteenth +1 eighth note
• Read Notation (so-mi-la)
• Write Notation
• Perform by singing and playing instruments
• Create a Rhythm Pattern
• Create a Melody Pattern

• I Can Sing so-mi-la patterns
• I Can Play so-mi-la patterns
• I Can Play Rhythms
• I Can Play Rhythm Patterns
• I Can Create a Rhythm Pattern
• I Can Create a Melody Pattern


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