Back to School Music Class Lesson Bundle

$31.75 $28.57


Back to School Music Class Lesson Bundle

$31.75 $28.57

Orff Music Lessons
Choral Music
Kodaly Music Lessons
Music Games

Bundle Description
Wow your K-6 Music Classes with these interactive songs, games and lessons during the first month to six weeks of school. Establish classroom community through songs, games and activities that teach and develop music skills right on the first day. Guide included. Make your back to school year easy and stress free with this amazing Music Class bundle.


Sing and Play Game song “Apple Tree” an original song with So-Mi Kodaly and beginning Orff Activities. Play the game to learn student names. Learn skills with the rhythm practice pages. Perfect for K-3 students. *Please note that this resource is NOT the same as the Upper Elementary Version.

“Apple Tree” is an original song and game that will help you teach, review and assess so-mi-la, sixteenth note rhythms and review quarter and eighth notes. Students love the easy to play Orff arrangement and exciting game as well as the practice worksheets and flash cards. The game is perfect for Back to School activities to help students learn the names of their classmates or to play throughout the year. Perfect for grades 3-5
*Please note that this resource is NOT the same as K-3 Version This song uses sixteenth notes.

BACK TO SCHOOL GAME & CHANT: “Get to Know Ya” Rhythm Lesson 3-6
Play this fun activity with K-6 students during your back to school classes, use as brain breaks or substitute lessons.

BACK TO SCHOOL “Hello” Song with Game and Lesson K-3
Sing this fun back to school “Hello” song to build classroom community and develop solfege skills. Best for primary grades. Includes Create Your Own Melody and Rhythm pattern Graphics.

Reward students and keep your classroom positive! Use these tags and wrist bands for students to attach to their clothing, wrist or shoe laces. Use the color copies for quick printing and use. Use the black and white for students to color their own.

Use this Concert Manners Poem for Music-Drama-Events-Programs-Concerts to help teachers and students teach the audience concert manners. My parents respond so well to this cute little poem and love the hand actions.Perfect for K-6 Concerts.

CHORAL SONG :”Come Along and Sing with Me”
Warm up your choir with this easy to sing 3 part acapella round “Come Along and Sing With Me” a round for upper elementary. Solfege, Note Names teaching power point and Mp3 practice tracks to make this an easy teaching song. Best for beginning Upper Elementary age students.

Music Class Students love these interactive body percussion activities that can be used with or without music. K-6 applications with Ideas for Stations, Lessons, Small and Large groups. Motivational posters with lesson ideas included. Great for beginning or end of year classes and building classroom community. Perfect for K-6.


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