Holiday Music Lesson: "Jolly…


Holiday Music Lesson: “Jolly Old St. Nicholas’ Orff, Kodaly, Recorder, Guitar



Delight your elementary music students with this old favorite. “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” Orff arrangement includes sheet music for Recorder and Guitar. You’ll find tons of K-6 applications and materials with printable pages, video and audio files for a complete music classroom resource.


1- Teaching Pages for Note Names and Values

2- Lyrics and Melody

3- Note Names for Soprano and Bass Parts

4- Rhythm Practice for Triangle and Wood Blocks

5- Full arrangement

Sheet music for all parts-PDF

Video with all pages and music

Mp3 sound file of the arrangement

Power Point


This video resource has teaching pages for Note Names on the Treble Clef Staff that are used in the song, Note Values in the song, (1 is blank so you can use your own style), each instrument part and the complete arrangement. The music will play automatically. When you are instructing or practicing parts you can mute the sound and pause the video. Use the sound to practice playing with the music. Mute the sound when students are able to play their parts or the full arrangement.


First sing through the song. If time permits, teach all students all parts.

Next, divide students into 4 groups. Melody, Bass, Triangle and Wood Blocks.

Have students practice their parts and then play alone.

Print out the parts and put students in stations. Have them practice their part and then rotate to another station.

Then put parts together. You may find it helpful to have just the MELODY play along with Triangle part then MELODY with Wood Blocks, and finally MELODY with Bass part. Depending on your students’ abilities, these activities could take 2-6 class times.


Pre-playing activities: Have all students play the rhythm parts by clapping, tapping, or patting while singing the song. Have all students practice note reading the melody and bass parts while singing the song.


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