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Music Class Orff and Kodaly Song and Lesson: ‘November, November’ d-m-s-l, K-3


November Music class Orff and Kodaly lesson, “November, November”, perfect for a November performance or as a set of lessons to prepare or practice do-mi-so-la, half notes and rhythms. Easy to play Orff arrangement for K-3 students. Vocal and Accompaniment Mp3 Tracks Included.

The song is very sweet and depicts the changing of the seasons. It’s perfect for a 1-2-3 fall program.
Students love singing and dramatizing about leaves and the weather.
It doesn’t have any reference to Thanksgiving or Turkey’s, but refers to the changing of the seasons-“..winter’s on it’s way”.
Easy to use lessons appropriate for K-3 to prepare, present or practice solfege and rhythm skills.

do mi so la
Eighth, quarter, half notes

Resource Includes:
50 pages of music, rhythm and note teaching
Power Point and PDF files of all pages
Mp3 Vocal and Performance Tracks
Orff and Piano Arrangement
Teaching Lesson Plan Outlines with explanations for differentiating lessons for K-3
6 Printable Worksheets
Pumpkin Beat Chart
Ta and ti-ti Rhythm strips
do mi so la melody composition
Mi so la melody composition
Write the rhythms ta, ti ti and taah
Identify the note names do mi so la
Sheet Music for Orff Arrangement with and without notes.

2 Beat Charts- Pumpkin and Apple
Rhythm and Melodic pictures and notation to teach solfege and not values.
Practice Rhythms
I Can Statements with learning goals for Rhythm, Melody, Ostinato


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