Valentine's Day Music Lesson:…


Valentine’s Day Music Lesson: “Valentine’s Day” Kodaly, Orff, Mp3


This catchy VALENTINE’S DAY SONG can help you teach notes, solfege, and rhythm throughout the month of February. Mp3 tracks included.


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This catchy VALENTINE’S DAY SONG can help you teach notes, solfege, and rhythm throughout the month of February. Perfect for lessons and Music Programs with Mp3 tracks included. Adaptable music lesson materials for K-3 General Music Class.






Note Reading


Quarter, Eighth, Quarter Rest

Vocal and Karaoke Mp3 Tracks. The Accompaniment sounds like an “Orff” arrangment so that the students can mimic the sounds they hear in the recording when they play their own instruments.


Presentation and PDF

I Can Statements

KODALY teaching pages for Do-Mi-So-La-Do

Solfa Street/hand signs and sight singing

Lyric Sheet –color and black and white to color


Note Names-scale sheet, sheet music with note names.

Melody-Bass-Ostinato rhythmic and melodic teaching pages practice & sheet music

Color Notes sheet music for Melody and Bass

I Can Statements: Sing a Melody, Play a Melody, Play Ostinato

Worksheet with do mi so la song writing.

Worksheet with song lyrics to color the Notes.

Movement Directions

Mp3 Vocal and Karaoke Tracks


WEEK 1 Tap Rhythms and Sight sing the Solfege

WEEK 2 Sing the Lyrics

WEEK 3 Play the melody and experiment with Ostinato

WEEK 4 Add in the BASS and OSTINATO parts

Best for K-3.

K-color the lyric sheet and sing for Dad and Mom

1-2 can fill in the solfege heart notes and sing the song.

3- can create their own Valentine’s Day song.

Or use a combination of the printables for any grade.

If you want to use for grade 4-they could play the song and make up some new lyrics.


The composition sheet works well for students because they are easy to use.

Use as a concert song. Sing the song with Vocal and Accompaniment Tracks.

Comes with Movement Idea for Lesson or Performance, includes 3 Printable practice sheets for Solfege and Composition Activity with Lyric Coloring Sheet.

This is my favorite song to teach in February. The rhythm of the song is catchy and my students like the movements with the song.

We enjoy playing the song and other singing with a movement for a mini-performance for the teacher at the end of class.

When I perform this song we accompany ourselves. First graders can do the whole arrangement.


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