Vocal Explorations: Garden Theme


Vocal Explorations: Garden Theme


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Grade Level – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Kindergarten, PreK


Animated Vocal Explorations! Your students will love tossing the seeds across the garden, playing the game and practicing breathing with these cute garden characters.

Pdf and Power point files
12 Slides that show various vocal explorations .
12 Animated slides
4 Smart-Board graphics
3 Blank slides for you to draw on your white board, Dot cam or SMART board.
2 Composition printables for students to create their own vocal explorations and share with the class or at home.
Teaching ideas, Puppet Activity/Game

Vocal Awareness and Exploration?
Use vocal play to help children find their singing voices.
Ask students to imitate a fire engine siren and a hooting owl.
Show them the paths on the cards and review up & down and high/low.
Use a puppet from the product to show a vocal path. Then ask students to use the puppets to lead the class.
Fun Game included with puppet printables and black and white practice worksheets.


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