I love February for more than one reason. I love that it’s the middle of the school year, I love the cooler weather (remember I’m down in the desert in AZ so it’s sunny but cool), and I love teaching Valentine’s Day Songs too!
I didn’t get a Small Goals posting done for January, but let’s check out how I did in December?
Keep students learning through this Holiday season and have fun at the same time.
 I think I did this, but that last week before the break is one of the toughest. I limit video watching to just the NUTCRACKER and I have a DVD that I made of all of the holiday songs with the lyrics. I focus on a different concept for each song. When we sing”Jingle Bells” we do an ostinato part with the jingle bells, for “Dreidel” we do drums on the steady beat. For other songs it might be actions and I also have some instrumental music that students create their own parts.Overall, Yes!
Stay positive and calm even if the students are not!
This goal is a forever goal. Sometimes I have tough challenges with student behavior and I have to remind myself to stay calm and teach on. In December I did a pretty good job at this–though the last week I did get some help with some student issues by sending some kids to the office. But I did stay calm and had a wonderful break. Yes!

Finish up my teacherspayteachers store product revisions. This has been a major undertaking. I’ve learned so much about graphics and teaching and formatting-that I’m taking those skills to my products. I have updated most of them and only have a handful left. It is a continual process-but these are major revisions with my new logo, better graphics and format. In my bundles I’m adding in pages that outline the complete product and how to use it so that teachers can use it as a guideline for their lesson plans.
I think that I’ll only put out this one goal this month because of the other projects I’ve got going on with my blog and making some new things too. 
As always, life is a journey and these little goals are just depots along the way!
What are your February goals?

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