MIOSM Music Class Activities

MIOSM Music Class Activities

March is my favorite month. I love Irish music and I love celebrating MIOSM March is music month in our schools. Have you met people who don’t care about music education? Maybe your principal doesn’t even “get it”?  It’s pretty subjective- but since we’re all music educators, then we know how important music education is for each and every child. That’s why I’m sharing these MIOSM March is music month in our schools Music class activity ideas and A LOT OF FREEBIES!  
I’ve noticed a lot of kids like to color. So, I made up a product that gives my “artistic” students an opportunity to shine in music class. Here’s 3 ways this FREE RESOURCE can be used during your MIOSM celebrations.
MIOSM: Classroom Decor Poster, Bulletin Board and Printables


There are tons of designs you can make using “MUSIC IS COOL” FREE RESOURCE. Here are some examples:


You may choose to have your students celebrate MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS MONTH by sharing their feeling through a writing activity. Use the full page sheet as a classroom activity. Have students share their feelings with a buddy.


I made the Card size sheets for each student in the whole school. The Strings and Band teaches will have their students fill out the ca
rds. Then we are going to make a big quilt up in the front foyer.
I will use the lettering at the top of the “quilt”. Then I’ll use some yard to divide the paper into 600 squares. Then my 4th graders are going to be the ones to fill in the quilt with our Cool Music comments. I will use Green paper as the background. We’ll also use the music symbols to create a border around the outside of the quilt.
Letters and words you can print or print and trace—
It will look something like this:
  Whatever you do-celebrating MIOSM, March is music in our schools month, can be a fun experience for the whole school and great reminder to some of the ways MUSIC reaches all students.


There are now THREE (3) choral songs in the MIOSM FREEBIE SECTION of the store. Not only can you celebrate MIOSM for FREE- but you can use these songs as part of your March lessons- or any of your choral concerts. They are easy to learn a capella songs that your choir students will love singing as they walk onto the stage and get on the risers. What a fun way to open your concert!

Here’s an audio sampler of the Three Free Songs. Just click on the picture and it will  take you to the Sing Play Create TpT Store.

GREAT IDEA!  Grab this BRAND NEW FREEBIE that you can use for March is music in our schools month. Head on over to the Sing Play Create Teachers Pay Teachers Store. “I Need Music” An easy to learn 3 part acapella song. Use each part separately, or use them together.

You’ll find all three March is music in our schools month Choral songs in the TpT Sing Play Create store. 

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This is another March is music in our schools month FREEBIE It’s a graphic you can put on any color paper, t-shirt-mug….whatever you want!

Please share these March is music in our schools month ideas with your music teacher friends!

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