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Sing and Play “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” Song

Sing and Play “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, a favorite Christmas song in your elementary music classes. I’m sharing some ways you can use this Free resource in your classes. There’s also tips on how to teach Beat, Rhythm and playing together.


I like to start off with singing the song. You may want to have the children sing the melody on “oooo” or “la la la”.

Then you can teach them the lyrics.

Try using the music tracks for a class sing along.

You may also want to put these materials in your SUB TUB

Use the song as part of your Holiday music programs and concerts.


The music parts are easy to play. Use the video to learn the parts and follow along with me as I play them.

It will be easy to rewind and practice the song so that everyone can sing and play together.


It’s nice to have a 3 beat song for students to practice the steady beat.

Try having them play beat 1 as a strong beat and beats 2 and 3 weak beat.

To get an idea about STRONG and WEAK beats, have them stomp on beat one and rest on the other beats.

Next, have them tap their fingers together on beat 2 and 3.

Finally put the body percussion all together.


Now you can have them play it on a drum.

You may want them to practice different hand techniques. They may like to use their palm on beat one and their fingers on beat 2 and 3. Let them experiment to get the right affect of STRONG-WEAK-WEAK BEATS.


Each part is taught in the video. You can use the pictures or the video to teach your students.

You may want to have them practice without music first until it’s easy for them.

Then you can add in the steady beat.

Finally have them play with the music.

Taking it slowly and building skills will give the children a chance to play with more confidence and skill.

You may want to teach the parts over several class times.


Overall, this Freebie can really help you out during December music lessons.

So, let’s play instruments in a 3 beat meter using “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” a Christmas favorite.

Remember the teaching video shows each part and then puts it all parts together. 

And, this music lesson can help your students practice and play on the beat. Each part is easy to play for first grade and up.

I know your students will love being able to play instruments in an ensemble.

Looking for another Christmas song to sing? “Red, White and Green” a song about the colors of Christmas.

I found this adorable book to go along with the song: “All the colors of Christmas” ( I am sharing an Amazon Link and I get a small kickback)

If you are looking for some movement activity ideas, you may want to check out this video “Reindeer Beat”

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Wishing you a joyful break!


Sandra from Sing Play Create

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We Wish You A Merry Christmas Music Lesson Freebie

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