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easter themed music and movement activities

Easter Themed Music and Movement Activities



Easter is a special time for many people around the world.  It’s also a good time to use Easter themed music activities in the music room.

In this blog post I’ll share my thoughts on why connecting to culture helps kids learn, how to structure your lessons and give you some FREE lesson activities.


Think about it this way; “why does Target decorate their entire store with Easter bunnies and spring décor?” 

It’s because we are all thinking about Easter and when we see a cute little chocolate bunny, we immediately think that it’d be great for Easter! Right? And we buy it!

We want our kids to “buy” into our music lessons, and so doing activities that connect Easter to a music learning goal is definitely going to help students learn.

Easter Music and movement activities foster student engagement, listening, emotional health and brain connections as students have fun!


Honestly, there are sooooooo many ways you can structure a lesson! 

First, you really need to meet the needs of your students.  So, these ideas may or may not work for you-but hopefully they’ll get your creative juices going and help making lesson plans easier.


 Try doing the bunny hop dance as students come into class.  You’ll need to modify it for 2021 because everyone has to stay in their personal space. 

  • Turn on the bunny hop music.
  • Stand at the front of the room.
  • Have the students go to their space and do the actions; right kick (2x’s), left kick (2x’s) , jump forwards, backwards, then 3 times in place.

Here’s a video of the directions. LINK TO TUTORIAL

You can use Sing Play Create Spring Music Tracks on Spotify or Apple music for this activity.



Or, you can purchase them in the TpT store.

Instrumental music tracks for the elementary music teacher.

Or, you may want to begin class as normal, but get everyone in the springtime, Easter mood. You may want to check this activity out; “Spring Time Dance”

Spring Time Dance Activity for children.


Next, you’ll want to focus on learning goals like rhythm, beat, pitch, dynamics etc.

So you’ll want to have a music lesson activity ready that relates to Easter.

Having versatile materials is essential to providing students with diverse learning opportunities. We’ve created VIDEO, GOOGLE SLIDES and PRESENTATION rhythm activities for the entire year.

Let's play Spring Rhythms! Level 1 Spring Rhythm Activities includes video, teaching presentation and google slides activities.

Elementary LEVEL 1 music rhythm activities with drag and drop google slides, digital images for online and in person music class lessons. These Spring themed activities are interactive and engaging elementary music lessons for in person and online teaching.

You may want to introduce some new rhythms, or review the ones you’ve taught. This video is an overview of all of the notes and a good place to get started.

Spring themed elementary music rhythm activities with video and drag and drop google slides, digital images for online and in person music class lessons. These activities are interactive and engaging as well as seasonally friendly for Springtime elementary music lessons. Students love moving the images into the boxes to create their very own rhythm patterns.

And, you can get this free set of activities when you SUBSCRIBE to the Sing Play Create Newsletter.

That way you can use the cards for a lesson activity where students create rhythms and play them for each other.

Spring Rhythm Games and Activities

SPRING Beat and Rhythm Music Freebie from Sing Play Create


“Where’s the Easter Egg?”

A Music Class Favorite. "Where's the Easter Egg" is a fun and interactive game song will help students reinforce Kodaly and Instrument playing skills. Lessons, Cute graphics and teaching pages complete this bundle for a whole months worth of activities for K-4


do mi so la
Playing Melody
Play Bass Ostinato

“Funny Little Bunny”

Incorporate movement into your spring themed music classes with “Funny Little Bunny music and movement lesson. Teach rhythms, how to play an Ostinato, while including creating, moving and singing activities. Best for PreK-2nd grade.


I like to have a movement activity either in the middle or at the end of class.

Kids love to move and the Easter Bunny Freeze Dance Activity will definitely help with wiggles. It’s a fun one for all grades.

It’s also a good reward for students who have worked hard during the music lesson time.

Easter Bunny Freeze Dance is perfect for Spring, April and Easter themed activities.

Take a brain break and move and freeze with Easter Bunny friends. Freeze dance activities are perfect for everyone!

Freeze dance brain break activities foster student engagement, listening, emotional health and brain connections as students have fun!

Be sure to use the Easter Bunny Freeze Dance!

Try this Egg Shaker Activity with your Kinders and First Graders

If you’re interested you can purchase this resource at the TpT Store.


Shake Your Egg Video

And this activity is especially fun with Second Graders.

Funny Little Bunny Video

Hopefully this post gave you some ideas for your Easter themed music lessons and activities.

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Easter Themed music and movement activities for the elementary music teachers for Kindergarten through 4th grade.



Meet Sandra

Hi there!  I’m Sandra, one of the authors behind Sing Play Create.  My goal is to provide teachers with interactive resources and activities to improve the effectiveness of their teaching and enhance student learning.

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