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Dinosaur Music, Movement and Literacy Activities

Today I’m sharing some dinosaur music, movement and literacy activities for preschool through first grade children.


Looking for a fun Dinosaur movement activity? Your students will love the cute dinosaurs swishing, swooshing, wiggling, and tossing scarves.


  • Teaching Action Video
  • Presentation
  • Rules
  • Directions
Dinosaur Scarf Activity Video


Let’s read and move like DINOSAURS! Use the colorful power point as a book, the mini books in stations, the flash cards to teach vocabulary and gross motor actions.

“Doin Dinosaur Moves” will get your students moving and learning with music.



What child doesn’t want to pretend to be a dinosaur? These adorable characters will have your children STOMPING, SWAYING, SWISHING. . . and even SLEEPING…

Movement is so important for young children and helps them develop their reading skills.

Movement, Reading, Science, Gross Motor Skills, Singing, Parts of the Body, Brain Breaks. Sing a long with the fun video that has the lyrics. BIG PRINT and MINI-BOOK! Print the song cards to use in a center. Perform the song for a program.

Link to the Resource


READ the words aloud without the Music.

READ the words as students sing.

READ in small groups for a Center-Daily 5

PRINT and READ as a BOOK for Daily 5

PRINT the book in grayscale and use in Centers.

PRINT the MINI-BOOK in color for students to use in small groups.

READ as a REWARD for class or student achievement.


Use this song as a BRAIN BREAK, a REWARD for excellence, RAINY DAY activity, DRAMA, DANCE, CREATIVE MOVEMENT.


  • VIDEO Sing a long
  • Mp3 files Vocal and Accompaniment Tracks.
  • Fun and Original Music.
  • Big Story book
  • Mini-book story book


Dinosaurs rule! Preschool through second graders will love to sing the songs, read and move to the poems, dramatize the action story, listen and read the story book, practice skills in the writing activities, dramatize with finger puppets.

A complete literacy unit for preschool through second graders.


  • o Files include 1 portrait size power point and pdf with songs/poems/story/actions/and black and white copies-plus literacy activities and puppet templates.
  • o File with Dinosaur story landscape size-2 versions in power point and pdf.
  • o 11 SONGS/POEMS on individual pages Color and Black and White. (Use the bl/wt for coloring activities).
  • o Story on 1 page
  • o Story on 14 color story pages with the story lines and without.
  • o Script on 1 page
  • o Script in large type for student reading with songs and pictures.
  • o Action word vocabulary list
  • o SOUND suggestions for Body sounds and/or instruments.
  • o Dinosaur word list
  • o 2 Graphic Organizers
  • o 5 Writing Activities
  • o Finger Puppet Templates
  • o 6 Color Dinosaur Pictures to help tell the story.

Dinosaur Literacy Bundle will give you all the tools you need to implement a dinosaur literacy unit in your classroom. You’ll be able to develop Reading and Articulation skills using this product as part of your Daily 5, Small group work and Centers.

When children “Sing”, “Move” and “Read” they make a stronger connection to the material and improve reading skills. They are also ENGAGED in learning!

Kick off your Dinosaur unit with these original and creative Dinosaur Songs, Poems, Readers Theater, and a Sound Action Story. Reinforce skills using the Literacy Activities for PreK- up to Third Graders.

Students will connect words and sounds through the SOUND-ACTION story that has the dinosaurs stomping, flying and other actions through dinosaur times.

Includes DIRECTIONAL vocabulary: ACROSS, ABOVE, OVER and more. These words also are part of Math skills that Kinders need to develop.

I’m hoping that these Dinosaur themed activities will keep your students moving and learning with music!

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Dinosaur Music, Movement and Literacy Activities   Today I’m sharing some dinosaur music, movement and literacy activities for preschool through first grade children.
Dinosaur Music, Movement and Literacy Activities

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