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It’s the end of the school year and there’s still so much to get done! In this post I'm sharing three ways to end the school year on a positive note.

3 Ways to End the School Year on a Positive Note



It’s the end of the school year and there’s still so much to get done!  In this post I’m sharing three ways to end the school year on a positive note.




I love to play singing games. And playing them at the end of the school year works well for most grades.

One of my favorites is “Bluebird, Bluebird”. This song is best for Kindergarten through 2nd grade.

I play a simplified version of the game.  I only use the first verse of the song.

BLUEBIRD, BLUEBIRD through my window.

BLUEBIRD, BLUEBIRD through my window.

BLUEBIRD, BLUEBIRD through my window.

Oh, Johnny aren’t you tired?

Students will stand in a circle. 1 child is the blue bird.

Everyone holds hands and we’ll practice making a window before we begin.

The blue bird is in the middle.

As we sing the blue bird works its way in and out the windows.

When they sing “Oh Johnny aren’t you tired?”

Everyone drops their arms, and the blue bird is caught.

The blue bird will then tap the shoulder of the child closest to them and use that child’s name for Johnny.

Kinders may need some help with that part of the game.

Then the new blue bird follows the first blue bird and then the blue birds begin again to weave in and out the circle.

This time, the second blue bird will take the turn of singing a new name and choosing the next blue bird.

This continues until everyone is in the line and there’s only 4 blue birds left. I have those 4 make a line so that there’s 2 windows to go through.

The blue birds weave in and out of the 2 windows and then just circle back and repeat until “Oh Johnny aren’t you tired?”.

The last bluebird to be caught can flitter and fly in a little circle and the bluebirds just walk around in a big circle singing the song. Then that bluebird joins all the other blue birds.

After we play, I have the blue birds lay down and take a rest.


“Bluebird, Bluebird” Folk Song & Game: Kodaly Music Lesson

 Other music lessons that work with this resource:

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One fun way to finish off the school year is to have students prepare and then present their favorite songs.

I ‘ll have a list of choices for each grade.

Then we’ll divide up into small groups.

Each group chooses a song.  I’m okay with the groups doing the same song.

Then I give them the expectations for each song.

It will tie back to how we did it in class.  So, if we played the song, then I’ll ask them to do that. 

I will also ask them to create something else for that song

They can come up with a dance or another musical part.

I like this activity because its very student driven and it’s creative.

I keep track of the groups and songs and then figure out when they will perform.

They are only performing for each other during class time. 

Resources with activities to help you with this idea.


Ahoy Matey's! These here Music Class Pirate chants can help you and your students celebrate "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and learn, practice and perform rhythms. K-6 Applications. Upper and lower elementary students will love imitating pirates and chanting about their life in these original and rhyming rhythm chants. Perfect for a music program too!


“Doggie, Doggie Where’s Your Bone?” Is a favorite Kodaly game song for elementary children. (Easily use these materials to "chant" if you can not sing.) The materials provide a variety of ways to encourage learning and practicing sol-la-mi patterns, independent singing and social skills like “taking turns”. The VIDEOS, audio and presentation files will help you give your students a variety of learning opportunities to develop beat, rhythm and pitch/melody skills. Videos are perfect for online teaching. Best for K-2.


Folk Song favorite "This Old Man" is a great song to teach Music Concepts of Steady Beat and Rhythm. This set of music lesson materials will help you reinforce or introduce and practice singing, rhythm, notation, melody, and ostinato using the Teaching Video with FIVE sections to learn music skills. Lesson Ideas for K-6 included.

I’VE GOT PEACE LIKE A RIVER http://bit.ly/3aJ2gVN


At the end of the school year when behaviors may not be the best, I’ve found that using a special reward system can help.

I save this reward system for the end of the school year.

I use these reward tickets and wrist bands  at the end of the year.

I made them in black and white because the students get to color their reward ticket.

This may work for some of your classes.

I’ve also used stickers and put them on the students’ hands.

I used them in different ways.

At the end of class I have them line up and put fists out and then plop a sticker on their hand.

During class to “notice” on task and great behavior  and participation.

I also chose 3 to 4 students to be my positive choices leaders.  They got to give out the stickers.

This was the MOST SUCCESSFUL positive behavior system I have used.

The students really got into it!


Free reward tickets for any classroom.
Free exit and reward tickets, wrist bands, positive reward classroom management.


I hope these 3 ways to end the school year on a positive note spark some ideas for you!

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Let’s move and learn with music!

Sandra from Sing Play Create
It’s the end of the school year and there’s still so much to get done!  In this post I'm sharing three ways to end the school year on a positive note.



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