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Elementary Music Curriculum, Music Lessons and Music Teacher Essentials Bundle



Product Description

Elementary Music Resources + Year Long Music Lessons K-6 BUNDLE is for Elementary music teachers who need a core set of materials for their general music curriculum. Elementary music teachers love having these thematic music lessons for entire year. The MUSIC CLASS ESSENTIALS AND YEAR LONG MUSIC LESSON BUNDLES provide an interactive music curriculum with basic songs, chants, activities, games, classroom management and decor for the Elementary Music Teacher.

SONGS, GAMES, CHANTS, PLANNER, DECOR: The original and traditional songs, games, chants, planner and décor provide the essentials that every music teacher needs to create a foundation for a successful music classroom.

SCOPE & SEQUENCE: The Year Long Music Lesson Bundle of Bundles provides scope and sequence of the K-6 materials for each month in the school year.

INTEGRATES WITH KODALY/ORFF/MUSIC CURRICULUMS: These resources blend well and will work with your existing curriculum, or help you kick-start one with the concept based music lessons, songs, games, activities centered on themes throughout the school year. Whether you need to establish or embellish your music classroom, you’ll find that the Music Class Essentials Bundle and Year Long Music Lesson Bundle can provide an interactive and music standards based music curriculum.

Perfect for K-6 General Music Classrooms.

PLEASE NOTE: These resources include very large files due to Video, and Audio files. The complete resource CAN NOT be downloaded all at one time.

Feel free to ask for help in the Q&A section.


Music class essentials basic resource with songs, games, brain breaks, activities, posters, presentation, Mp3’s to establish your music classroom. Includes theHello Songs-Bundle of 5 Songs with Videos, Mp3’s, I Can statements and Decor.

Wow your students with this set of songs to kick off your school year.

GAMES: Get to know you games, Name Games and Classroom Management Chants, will help you establish your classroom routines. Decorate your classroom with music terms and symbols. And, the Planner and Teacher Packet are perfect for organizing you and your classroom. Blends perfectly with Kodaly, Orff and other music curriculum’s.

SONGS & CHANTS: Music Teachers always need songs, games, and chants to keep class running smoothly. You’ll find all the basics you need to establish your music classroom.

New or returning music teachers LOVE the Music Songs, Activities, Games, Chants and First Week activities planner. The original songs, games, chants, provide the basic activities that you’ll need to get your Classroom and lessons organized. The materials provide a foundation for a successful music classroom that is adaptable and flexible to use with any curriculum. The music class essentials basic is the answer to your teaching success.

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: Keep your class running smoothly with chants and activities that keep students focused and keeping the rules in the music room.



Hello Songs, Get to know you songs and games, Classroom Management Chants, will help you establish your classroom routines. The Music Class Essentials Basic blends perfectly with Kodaly, Orff and other music curriculum’s.


“Johnny Plays the Drum Beat” Video Sing a Long the perfect Name game for back to school fun.

Name Games and brain break activities will help students get to know each other and help you- the teacher learn all their names!

5 Get to Know You GAMES for Grade 3-6

PRINTABLE ready to use NAME CARDS to print and use the first day.Hello songs to greet your students.


Classroom management songs and chants for procedures like standing, sitting, lining up, getting quiet, including Brain Breaks and Stretching.


Year, Quarter, Month, Day mini Teacher Planning sheet for using the songs/chants

16 of the Songs come with Sheet Music that includes Melody and Guitar Chords (included in the Teacher Guide).


Music Class Solfege Posters and Games in Color coded colors blend well with any music classroom! These primary posters and flashcards include visuals to help students learn solfege. Solfege employs multiple learning styles, including visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Playing these solfege hand sign games will help your students to identify and connect the hand signs with the pitches more accurately and demonstrate their ability to sing and sign.


Music Class Essentials Packet with Songs, Chants, Games, Sheet Music and Rules

Music Class Essentials Power Point & PDF with Songs, Chants, Games, Rules Posters

Music Class Décor Music Class Posters and Flash Cards

Solfege Posters and Games

First Week Activities with Lesson Planners and Name Tags

Music Teacher Essentials Complete Planner

Music Mp3 Files

Video Files

Hello Song Teaching Presentations, PDF, Mp3 and Video Sing a Longs

MUSIC LESSON YEAR LONG BUNDLE OVERVIEW: This bundle coordinates well with Kodaly and Orff methodologies. Each month has the materials for lessons, movement, and music programs. You’ll get planning pages to help you coordinate your entire year’s curriculum.

The teacher guide can help you integrate and/or develop your scope and sequence.

MATERIALS FOR: Kindergarten through sixth (6th) grade.

*This bundle is HUGE! You will download each resource separately. You can come back and download your files as you need them!


You will receive a teacher guide to help you migrate all of the resources. You may choose to download 1 month at a time. This way you can organize each months lessons at the same time.

Please note: You will be downloading 64 individual music lessons.

This is a great resource for any General Music Classroom K-6 students.

Each resource is part of a monthly music lesson bundle.

Elementary Music Class Resources + BTS BUNDLE: Songs,Chants,Games,Decor, Lessons is packed with elementary music materials like K-6- Hello Songs, Games, Décor, Lessons, Rules, Organization and 7 music lessons, games and activity resources which can help you establish or embellish your music classroom. All of the materials blend perfectly with Kodaly, Orff and other methodologies.

Elementary Music Curriculum, Music Lessons and Music Teacher Essentials Bundle

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