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Fall Music Lesson: “Five Little Acorns” Game Song, Solfege, Rhythm, Video”

Music Teachers and Students will love this animated lesson video and a Rhythm Playing Video with timed 4 Beat Rhythms. Students can play the Rhythms, Sing the solfege, Sing & Play the Melody, Bass and Ostinato parts finishing off with a fun game. A great Fall music class unit of lessons.



Product Description

Music Teachers and students are “falling” for “Five Little Acorns” music lesson to teach melody, rhythm and encourage improvisation.   A complete musical experience with singing, playing, and creative movement. Includes a teaching Video, Audio files and Presentations. Suggested for Pre-K to 3rd graders.


• Concepts:

• mi-so-la (do)

• Quarter, eighth notes and quarter rest

• Creative Movement

• Playing instruments, rhythms, melody

• Sheet music

o Orff Arrangement- Notes & Note Names

o Melody-Solfa, Note Names, Notes

o Bass-Note Names, Solfa

o Rhythm parts

• Printable for Rhythm writing

• Teaching and Creative Movement Activity Directions

• Mp3 Vocal and Accompaniment Tracks

• Power Point

• PDF Files

• Video for teaching Beat, Rhythm, and Melody solfege, lyrics

o (All pictures and pages are included in the PDF and Power Point files-this way you can choose how you want to use the resource in your classroom.)


This easily adaptable set of resources gives you the tools to teach music concepts to different grade levels per your teaching needs. It’s a perfect Fall Lesson to bring together your pitch, melody, rhythm, creative movement and improvisation goals. It’s also a wonderful way to assess students.

Using a video to teach enables you to have smooth transitions in your lesson. The video provides the visual and aural cues as you guide students from playing the beat to tapping rhythms, singing solfege and finally singing the song.


Use the video over several classes to teach all concepts as students sing, play, improvise and experience creative movement. Finish with a Falling Leaf Ensemble where students move from one station to the other experiencing, rhythm, beat and creative movement-diagram included.

(I used this lesson K-4 because the students can practice note reading and creating and participating in the whole ensemble. And, they loved it!) **This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. No physical items will be mailed to you.** After purchase you will receive an email receipt with a link to download your purchase. You will receive a text file with the download link. The text file will have a LINK to your resource. You will open the text file and copy paste the LINK in your browser which will start the download. If you have any problems with the download. Please email us and we will get you the resource.Questions? Email [email protected]

Fall Music Lesson: “Five Little Acorns” Game Song, Solfege, Rhythm, Video”

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