Music Class Essentials Decor…


Music Class Essentials Decor Bundle: Presentation, Posters, Flashcards and Games


Bright and Cheerful Elementary Music Classroom decor in vibrant colors that will energize your music classroom.


The music class essentials decor bundle is an elementary Music Classroom decor in bright vibrant colors that will energize your music classroom. This bundle includes the complete music class decor and the Solfege decor and Games resources. You’ll easily create a welcoming music classroom with these color codeded posters. This resources pairs with all of the MUSIC CLASS ESSENTIALS resources.


  • Flashcards for games
  • Music Teacher presentation with Music symbols, alphabet, words, standards, I Can’s
  • Classroom Organization posters
  • Music Class Solfege Posters and Game

This colorful decor set works well with most décor packages.

Music Class Solfege Posters and Game in Color coded colors include visuals to help students learn solfege. Solfege employs multiple learning styles, including visual, kinesthetic, and auditory.

Playing these solfege hand sign games will help your students to identify and connect the hand signs with the pitches more accurately and demonstrate their ability to sing and sign.

Get this bundle today to decorate your room and provide your students with the visuals and manipulatives to help them make deep connections to music concepts.


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