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Music Lesson “I Have a Little Dreidel” Kodaly, Orff, Guitar, Dreidel Game

“I Have a Little Dreidel”, a music class favorite with huge variety of lessons for the K-6 Music teacher. Music Resource filled with Kodaly, Orff, Guitar and Game teaching pages. Mp3 practice tracks.



Product Description

“I Have a Little Dreidel” music lesson with Kodaly and Orff elements is an elementary general music class favorite. This resource has a huge variety of activities for grades K-6. This resource has Kodaly and Orff applications along with the dreidel game and a dreidel template. This is a traditional holiday music lesson you’ll be able to use every year.



Read and Play Notes

Solfege-Key of C-do, re, mi, fa, so



Presentation and PDF Files

KODALY Singing do, re, mi, fa, so



Piano Accompaniment

Teaching page about Hanukkah

Game Directions

Printables-Game and Instrument parts

Mp3 Piano practice track

Hannukah Vocabulary

Dreidel Template


You can use this product to teach a variety of skills and it’s set up easy to differentiate for the various levels of skills you might have in your classroom.

KINDERS: Steady Beat

FIRST GRADE: ta and ti-ti rhythm practice

SECOND-6TH GRADE- Read and sing the solfege, orff parts and play in an ensemble.

Use all skills in a classroom presentation.

Use the “Hanukkah is…” poster and coloring sheet to help students understand the holiday and teach it to another class.

Have your Kinders come and visit your 4th graders. Let the Kinders sing and play the Steady Beat as your 4th graders play the xylophones–bring in some 2nd or 3rd grades and have them play the OSTINATOS for a multi-grade sing-a-long.

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Music Lesson “I Have a Little Dreidel” Kodaly, Orff, Guitar, Dreidel Game

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