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St. Patrick's Day Game Song: "Can You Catch the Leprechaun?" with Solfege Lesson

St. Patrick’s Day Game Song for Music and movement activities.



Product Description

Music class St. Patrick’s Game song with scarves and props will have students dancing, singing and learning during this fun Kodaly based game song. “CAN YOU CATCH THE LEPRECHAUN”. The Games comes in two different levels so that you can adapt it for Preschool through third graders.

Sheet Music
Mp3 Accompaniment
Lyric PosterHat and Gold Graphic
Game Directions
Solfege Teaching Directions
Teaching pages do-mi-so-do
(3 levels)
PDF Landscape version of teaching pages for Projecting.

St. Patrick’s Day Game Song: “Can You Catch the Leprechaun?” with Solfege Lesson