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Valentine’s Day Music Lesson “Red Hearts, Pink Hearts” Kodaly K-3

Easy Valentine’s Day song to sight sing, play and perform on So Mi La. Cute graphics and sheet music printables will have your students singing and playing in one lesson. I CAN statements included to help you teach on the go!



Product Description

Valentine’s Day Music Lesson “Red Hearts, Pink Hearts with a teaching video, mp3 audio files, teaching presentation for rhythms, melody and Ostinato.

Easy lesson for solfege so la mi pattern.

Or, for your Valentine’s Day music program. You can have your students singing and playing in one lesson.

I CAN statements included for easy teaching!

Best for K-3

*Please listen to the preview VIDEO for a sample of the sound files.







I Can Statements

Teaching video with audio practice tracks

Mp3 Audio Tracks with Piano Accompaniment

Piano accompaniment

C Ostinato and Melody Vocal

Melody Vocal

Melody Vocal and Accompaniment Track

Accompaniment Performance Track

Sheet Music- Melody and Piano, Melody and C Ostinato

Presentation with teaching guide

Solfege Note Reading mi-so-la

Steady Beat Chart

Solfa Street

Rhythm Practice

Notes on the Staff Practice

Steady Beat Ostinato on C

5 Practice worksheets

Compose your own Valentine’s Day Song


The longer I teach to more I am moving to VIDEO lessons. They are easy to use because I can move around the classroom and help students with the activities. Video lessons also SAVE my VOICE!

This music lesson can be used over several class times culminating in a singing and playing musical experience.

Optional learning sequence

Lesson 1-Sight Sing, Rhythmic practice, memorize the song.

Lesson 2-Review so la mi and practice sol fa using the Sol fa street. Sing and Sign with the Video or Mp3 audio tracks.

Lesson 3-Introduce the note names and play on xylophones.

Lesson 4-Sing and Play adding in the simple Steady Beat on C

Perform for a concert or in class in small groups.

**This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. No physical items will be mailed to you.** After purchase you will receive an email receipt with a link to download your purchase. You will receive a text file with the download link. The text file will have a LINK to your resource. You will open the text file and copy paste the LINK in your browser which will start the download. If you have any problems with the download. Please email us and we will get you the resource.

Questions? Email [email protected]

Valentine's Day Music Lesson "Red Hearts, Pink Hearts" Kodaly K-3

Valentine’s Day Music Lesson “Red Hearts, Pink Hearts” Kodaly K-3

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