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Valentine’s Day Scarf Activity Video, Brain Break, PE, Music, Preschool, Home



Product Description

Valentine’s Day scarf activity for your “loving” students! Children love to move with scarves and music. No scarves? That’s okay! Have your students follow the valentine monster moves using a tissue, a bandana or their hands. This Valentine’s Day Movement & Music Video activity will help keep your active in music class, take a brain break and exercise! Students can stand in their own space or dance around their living rooms while exercising gross and fine motor muscles. Use the video in your virtual classrooms for February music and movement activities. Perfect for K-3 students.


*VIDEO INCLUDES MUSIC (The music tracks are available separately).

Scarf Activity Video with movements and music
Teaching presentation of each action (12 actions)
Students Rules and Space Directions
Teaching Directions

Scarf activities are perfect for the P.E., Music, Special Education, Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers. Scarf movement activities increase Reading skills because they help students with tracking, concept identification, visualization, and sequencing.
Movement is a powerful learning tool, particularly for students who are bodily-kinesthetically inclined.
Perfect for exercising and developing gross motor skills.

Brain Breaks
Music Class activities
P.E. Classes
Reward Days
Rainy Days

Children love to wave scarves around. Use a towel, bandana, scarf, tissue wrapping paper, washcloth- even a tissue in this activity. You will love having the rules and directions as well as the specific movements for optimal gross motor action!

Valentine’s Day Scarf Activity Video, Brain Break, PE, Music, Preschool, Home

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