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Vocal Timbre Lesson and Games with Song, Posters and Printables

Teach the four voices to your Kindergarten and First Grade classes with this fun song and set of activities that can be an entire unit.

Students will sing and chant a song about the voice, play a game, do worksheets, and play games to learn the four voices.

You’ll be able to create an entire unit of activities using this resource as well as use the activities in your music class stations.
Best for K-3 students.

The four voices music lesson uses animals from the rain forest to describe the different voice choices to teach timbre.



Product Description

Teach children voice choice and vocal timbre with this engaging set of activities for K-3 ages.

Vocal Timbre or Voice Choice Songs, Lesson, Activities for your K-3 students.
Posters, Games, Flash Cards and puppets to use as you teach the lesson.


I Can (tell the difference) Differentiate between speaking and singing voices.


4 songs: “Sing”, “Speak”, “Whisper”, “Shout” using the same melody

PDF and Power Point file

4 LESSON Plans



SONG or CHANT –Mp3 Accompaniment-Sheet Music

Puppet Templates

POSTERS color and black and white

Assessment template

Mp3 Piano Accompaniment tracks


Flash Cards


Power Point and Pdf Files

There are 4 lessons in this resource.

Games can be played all year long.

The “sing” song can be used just to sing hello to students in the morning as a gathering song. **This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. No physical items will be mailed to you.** After purchase you will receive an email receipt with a link to download your purchase. You will receive a text file with the download link. The text file will have a LINK to your resource. You will open the text file and copy paste the LINK in your browser which will start the download. If you have any problems with the download. Please email us and we will get you the resource.Questions? Email [email protected]

Four Voices Music Lesson

Vocal Timbre Lesson and Games with Song, Posters and Printables

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