What was your favorite game as a child?  Mine was Candy Land. Just this week I got to play it with one of my grandsons. He chose my color mark-Yellow- and the game was on. I still really wished that I’d get the ice cream cone that would place me almost at the end of the game. And I really wished hard that I wouldn’t get the licorice card because I didn’t want to lose a turn. But since I was playing a 3 year old–I tried to have a bit of self control as we drew the cards. I even helped him play.
Games are a great way to reinforce skills and concepts. Sometimes the student who can sing perfect pitch doesn’t know all the Kodaly hand signs, or, the one who can show the Kodaly hand signs may not be the best singer. As teachers we are always looking for ways to address all types of learners in our classrooms. Games are great because they put students in a group situation. That means they are going to be able to SEE-HEAR-and EXPERIENCE playing the game. Hopefully they will learn and reinforce skills through one of these methods.
It’s interesting to me how different kids enjoy the various activities we do in the Music Room. Employing information about the MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE theory really helps me create lessons that have the best chance of engaging all learners. For example:
My body smart kids will jump at the chance to play a game and love to do movement activities. My picture smart kids love to color notes and create pictures of how they feel when listening to music. My self smart kids will like to show me what they know. My people smart kids will love games too.
As I create and update products for my store, I try to incorporate various ways to use the product so that teachers can meet the needs of all learners. I just recently revamped a product to learn the Kodaly Hand Signs. Not only do you get posters, but there are two games too.

What are the various learning strategies that you use in your classroom?

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