Halloween Music Class Sing and Move-A-Long

Halloween Music Class Sing and Move-A-Long

 Are you ready for the action in your Halloween music class? Don’t “freak” out! I like to have a playlist of “spooky” music and activities ready so I can keep kinds “mooving”? I do! And-I’ve got some wickedly delicious ideas brewing in my teaching stew this week. How about a Halloween Sing-and Move-A-Long? These Halloween music class activity ideas will not only help you stay sane during the Halloween week-but provide some great and creative opportunities to assess skills and teach concepts like, Steady Beat, Comparing and Contrasting music styles, and Expression. Are you ready for the action in your Halloween music class?


I’ll begin with students sitting on the floor. We’ll begin with some patting, clapping, swishing and then snapping up some body percussion. I like to start with just two actions, PAT and CLAP with kinders, then I’ll add more actions for a four beat pattern.





Upper grades can handle more:




(SWITCH HAND that is on top) SWISH-SWISH





I’ll warm everyone up using this funny and well done vocal version of the “The Hall of the Mountain King” from the Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg.


 I’ll use this version of “In The Hall of the Mountain King”  for a freeze dance activity in music class during the week of Halloween. Ask students to stand in a circle. Choose one student to be in the middle. Everyone has to copy the moves of the student in the middle. When the music stops, the student in the middle spins to choose another student. Play continues for as long as interest holds, or a set amount of time.


Another way to use “In The Hall of the Mountain King” in music class, is to have students to use scarves as puppets. They can pretend that the scarves are the trolls who are chasing Peer as he tries to escape the Mountain King.   Choose one student to be Peer and the rest are the trolls. Give some guidelines as to where students can go in your room. I like mine to stay inside the circle and I might have just 6-8 at a time do this activity while the rest of the class bounces their scarf in the air on the beat.


I have two Halloween sing-a-long songs on my YouTube channel that you can watch without having to purchase the complete lesson plan resource.
“Skin and Bones”
“The Black Cat” A sing and move Rap! is a really fun activity for K-2. You can find the full resource at my store “The Black Cat”
Another fun idea is to play Hot Pumpkin!  Get a small round pumpkin and pass it in a circle (play some fun Halloween Music). Stop the music and whomever has the pumpkin has to sing a Halloween song, or Howl like a ghost, laugh like a witch…you could list a bunch of stuff on the board and let them choose!  (maybe I’ll make a freebie out of this sometime!)
For my K-2 friends, I like to keep them moving! “Dem Bones” is a fun activity I like to use to get them warmed up. My students love to play “bones” or rhythm sticks so I’ll have half of the students dance and the other half play instruments. If possible, I’ll give them some rhythm cards to play!


How about letting Upper Elementary students choreograph a short dramatization to “Thriller”?
Here’s some great ideas:
And this Disney video may be best for your upper elementary students.


Of if you want a good laugh or a lighter skeleton dance:

My favorite is “Ghost Busters”. I have been known to dance around the room like a ghost and “scare” the kids.
Dr. Jean has some great ideas on how to make a witches broom and the lyrics to one of my fav’s–Stirring Your Brew.
Or you can watch the video and sing-a-long!
How about using paper plates and putting a Halloween picture or sticker on 4-5 of them. Begin the music! Students in music class walk around the circle of plates and stop when the music stops! Whoever lands on a plate with a picture has to…how about dance like a “skeleton”?
So many fun things you can do during a Halloween sing-along and movement activity day! Try these other articles for more fun and Free ideas!
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I hope your Halloween lessons aren’t too scary! Please share!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE these ideas! I volunteered to teach a preschool Music and Movement class in our homeschool coop. These ideas are so fun! Thank you for sharing and giving loads of ideas!

  2. Hi Holly! That’s fantastic! Good to know that you are getting your children into music and movement. Thanks for the feedback.

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