Simple and Interactive February Music Activities

Simple and Interactive February Music Activities

Are you ready for your February music class lessons?  Yes? No? Need some more activities?  This week’s post is all about using the FEBRUARY MUSIC FREEBIE that’s in the FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY. I struggle with February lessons because there’s Groundhog Day, President’s Day, and Valentine’s Day all in a row. So I’m sharing my ideas for simple and interactive February music class lessons.  


One teaching strategy that works well in February is MUSIC STATIONS.  After I began using Stations in my classroom, I noticed engagement and student achievement soaring!

 But planning music stations for every grade level takes a lot of energy and time. So I don’t– I only use stations in two or three of my grade levels. For example: my 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders are doing station activities, 6th- guitars, 5th- keyboards, 1st and K are experiencing some folk dances and instrument playing activities. This is how I streamline my lesson planning.


 I had to find a way to streamline the use of STATIONS  in my classroom because I am convinced that INTERACTIVE LESSONS are needed for today’s kids. And, my kids love them.


 Because . . .

Stations offer the opportunity to provide a variety of learning strategies in one class time. That way you’re giving ALL of your students opportunities to learn.


Want to know more about STATIONS?  CLICK HERE TO GO TO NOVEMBER MUSIC STATIONS. Although it’s about November themes, you’ll love the ideas and the FREEBIE.



SERIOUSLY! Stations give you the chance to reach All your students. And remember, kinesthetic learners are over 30% of your learners.


So the FREEBIE for FEBRUARY is filled with ACTIVITIES and GAMES to help you in your classroom in music stations, or whole group activities.



  •  Whole lesson time-

  • Station Activities-

  • Substitute lessons-

  • Assessment-

  • Combined with a lesson Activities

 All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE TO SING PLAY CREATE NEWSLETTER and you’ll gain access to all of the FREE RESOURCES that will make your teaching life EASIER.


 First, I’ll determine the standards and concepts the students need to be working on in February. Then I’ll set up stations that support learning those concepts.

I use manipulatives in my station activities. And that’s what’s inside the Freebie. This month the Free Resource is heart shaped rhythm cards to help students learn how to create rhythm phrases, how to play rhythms, and how rhythm fits in the beat.  The same manipulatives can be used at several stations because the goal at the station is different.


At one station, students create a rhythm pattern and then “say and play” it using body percussion or percussion instruments.

At another station, they’ll create a rhythm pattern and experiment with composing by playing on a xylophone with only pentatonic notes.

At another station they’ll use notation to write a melodic phrase or melody.



Interactive lessons mean that my students hands-feet-eyes-ears- are engaged. And, the easiest way for me to implement music stations into my daily routine is to plan the stations with a concept. That’s why I’ll have a “Rhythm Station”, a “Creative Movement Station”, a “Note reading/playing station”, and/or a “Composition” station.


When you download the FREE RESOURCE you’ll find MORE IDEAS! And GAMES for EVERY MONTH of the SCHOOL YEAR!


You only get 30 minutes or less a day to plan- so this FREEBIE can help you with some or all of your lessons.

And- you can use these activities with all of your flashcards. There’s more flashcards in the FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY. Just subscribe here to gain access.


Don’t forget to take your time when implementing new strategies (I have to tell myself this all the time!) And let your students guide you as to what works in your classroom.

I know you’ll not only have a new teaching strategy, but you’ll alsol reach more students through using Stations and Streamlining the activities across grade levels.


How did you implement some of these ideas into your lessons! Leave a comment or send me an email about your experiences with stations or using the Free Resource. I’d love to hear from YOU!

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