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When spring comes around you can count on flowers and wiggles blooming! And that makes it the perfect time to get out the Egg shakers! My student get so excited when they see the colorful sound makers. That’s why I like to use egg shaker activities in the springtime. Egg shaker activities are perfect for creative movement and teaching music concepts.


You’ll need to purchase or make some kind of maracas or egg shakers for your students to use in the activities. Don’t have any? no problem.  Grab some from the dollar store, or your favorite budget shop.

Or you can get them from Amazon by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

EGG SHAKER’S How to Make ‘Em!

No budget? No problem!

If you’re on a tight budget, or don’t have many instruments, this blog post is going to help you solve those two problems. Keep reading to learn how to make and do music class egg shaker activities.

Egg shakers are hand percussion instruments like Maracas.

They are found in Caribbean and Latin American Music resources. Some music styles that depend upon this fun percussion sound are Samba and Mariachi.

Students will love exploring these kinds of music styles while moving and playing games with the egg shakers. And this style of music really gets the kids moving.

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Free Egg shaker activity directions and songs from Sing Play Create.
















Don’t have any? no problem.  Grab some from the dollar store, or your favorite shop.

Get out the egg shakers for springtime movement activities from Sing Play Create
















Open them up and put in a bit of rice and some dry beans, like pinto or kidney, put them back together using hot glue. I also wrapped packing tape around mine.

Or, you can purchase egg shaker musical instruments on amazon with this LINK


A really fun home school project is making them from recycled containers. Here’s what to do:

  1. Have your students gather containers like soda pop bottles, oatmeal canisters, small boxes, plastic food containers, paper towel and toilet paper rolls and kleenex boxes.
  2. Take off any stickers or labels that are loose and seal the edges.
  3. Fill them with rice, beans, spaghetti or other (dry) noodles and
  4. Glue or tape them together. Use duct or packing tape. Then cover with paper.
  5. Decorate your new instruments with tempera (water based) paints, stickers, paper, fabric, and other craft items. (Duct and Packing tapes are difficult to paint over unless you use spray paint or metal paints which are not suitable for children).

Now that you’ve got the egg shakers, you’re ready to do some egg shaker activities!

Remember to give students a chance to get to know their “shakers” and how to treat them. I tell my students that instruments are like best friends and need a lot of care.

During the first experience, give students some leeway in the way they use the shakers. As you continue to do the activities, you can guide them to use them more appropriately.

Ask students to place their shakers on the floor in front of them and to pick them up when the activity or music  begins.

Try using some of these activities after a lesson, or as a transition/brain break activity to channel students’ energy and keep them focused during learning activities.

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Ask students to sit in a circle. Pass out all of the eggs to your students. Put on some of your favorite music that has a strong beat, and ask students to play the steady beat. Keep your egg shaker in the air! For more fun, have them walk in a circle and play their eggs.An all time favorite for younger students is “The Ants Go Marching”.This cute cartoon of ants in a marching band is perfect for the music classroom.

Have your students sing about “fruit” as they play their egg shakers in this fun song.


Older students in the first and second grades can experience feeling and identifying the steady beat versus rhythm. Start by teaching a simple rhythm to the whole group. I like to divide the class into small groups and ask group #1 to play the beat and group #2 plays the rhythm. Then we switch parts.


I do love to use classical music too! I found this pretty video with spring flowers to Vivaldi’s Spring from The Four Seasons.

Or this one with a picture of Mt. Fuji at the end.

Each video is about 4 minutes long which is perfect for the younger students.

Older students might enjoy shaking eggs to some Latin Music.

This video features some fancy guitar playing.


Or try learning to Samba! (for upper elementary only)


Make a big circle. Ask one student to sit in the middle of the circle with the egg shaker. That student shakes the egg when the music is played. When the music stops. That student gives the egg shaker to another student.


Place a bucket of egg shakers in the middle of the circle. Begin with one student playing. Instead of passing the egg shaker, the student in the middle chooses another student to join them in the middle of the circle. Activity ends when all of the students are in the middle playing shakers.

Love this brass version of “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky Korsakov


Students can stand in a circle or in spaces around the room. Pass out a shaker to every student. Ask students to dance with their egg shakers.  Suggested musical selections:  Latin, Mariachi, Mexican and Caribbean music.

“Three Little Birds”

“Bonjour Pra Voce”


This activity will help students to listen to music and musical cues. Play the music. Stop the Music. When the music stops, students must stop shaking. I like to let everyone keep trying to start and stop playing their egg shakers. After we play the games a couple of times, you may want to tap the students who didn’t stop and have them sit down-or let everyone keep trying.

I love Laurie Berkner and this song is perfect for Egg Shakers!

I love this song that Miss Nina sings while kids shake their eggs.


Here are the lyrics sung to the tune of “London Bridges”.


1-Shake your shakers in the air

Shake it here, shake it there

Shake your shakers in the air

Shake your shakers.

2- Shake it high and shake it low (I change my voice to

reflect High/Low)

3-Shake it yes, shake it no

Shake it high and shake it low

Shake your shakers.

4-Shake it up and shake it down (Hold it up high and then

down low)

Shake your shaker on the ground

Shake it up and shake it down

Shake your shakers.

5-Shake it near and shake it far

Drive your shaker like a car

Shake it near and shake it far

Shake your shakers.

6-Shake it fast and shake it slow

Shake it stop, shake it go

Shake it fast and shake it slow

Shake your shakers.

 Remember- You can get ALL of these ideas in the FREE BOOKLET by SUBSCRIBING to the Sing Play Create Library.

Need an easy to learn version?  Try playing this song using 2 simple chords on the Guitar or Ukulele: C and G7…Or on the xylophones have students play the steady beat on C and G as other students sing the song.  Here are my easy to learn and play lyrics:

“Let’s Shake Shakers!”  By Sandra Hendrickson


Verse 1:

Shake your shaker in the air, in the air, in the air.

Shake your shaker in the air.

Let’s shake shakers!

Verse 2:

Shake your shaker high and low, high and low, high and low.

Shake your shakers high and low.

Let’s shake shakers!

Verse 3:

Shake your shakers up and down, up and down, up and down.

Shake your shakers up and down.

Let’s shake shakers!

Verse 4:

Shake your shakers ‘round and ‘round, ‘round and ‘round, ‘round and ‘round.

Shake your shakers ‘round and ‘round.

Let’s shake shakers!

Verse 5

Shake your shakers in and out, in and out, in and out.

Shake your shakers in and out.

Let’s shake shakers!

And if you want to really get your students shaking eggs and connecting to literacy, you’ll want to check out my song “Shake Your Egg!” for Music Class spring activities.

“Shake Your Egg” 

The song that also reinforces colors.   I have students play only when it’s their “color” turn. It’s a great activity for those visual and kinesthetic/tactile learners. The video keeps student attention focused and engaged.

You can find it in my store: “SHAKE YOUR EGG-ACTIVITY SONG” WITH VIDEO and MP3.

How can you NOT have a great time with egg shakers?

They’re perfect for any time of year- but especially in the spring around the Easter holiday time,  to get the  spring “wiggles” out transition activity song.

Now you’ll want to be sure to get your FREE Egg Shaker Activities Download HERE!

free egg shaker activities


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