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Celebrate Back to School Music Activities & Freeze Dance

Are you ready for back to school music class? Want a fun way to greet your students? Here are some fun back to school music activities you can use on the first day of class.


If you haven’t returned to school, then you may be ready to in the next few weeks.    I’m hoping that you are getting lot’s of ideas for your music classes from the blog posts.  This week’s post shares some ideas for using movement with your first week activities.  

I’m super excited about the new materials in the FREEZE DANCE activity. 
I’ve added in 4 different DYNAMICS Activities you can do with the video.  I’ve included some worksheets, flashcards and activity directions.

And, if you’re helping out the classroom teachers or looking for ways to integrate literacy and movement, you’ll love the ACTION WORD coloring sheets for students to write the word and then color them. 


Why not have some fun your first day of music class?

Use the Back to School Freeze Dance Activity as a transition activity during your first day of classes.

Greet your students.

Introduce your classroom procedures.


Use one of the MUSIC DYNAMIC activities to teach: HIGH/LOW, FAST/SLOW, LOUD/SOFT, EXPRESSION


Teach your lining up procedures and practice them, then-


You’ll be able to use this video as a transition activity between setting up your classroom procedures.

Let's FREEZE DANCE in the classroom. This resource is packed with materials you can use to teach the Freeze Dance activity, Music Dynamics, and Action Verbs. Not only will your students have an amazing time doing the FREEZE DANCE actions, but they’ll also love the coloring sheets, games and activities the help them connect movement with concepts. Materials include, video, power point, flash cards, worksheets, games, activities, lesson plans and teaching steps.



Body percussion activities are also great for back to school music activities.

What’s great about this activity is that it’s a hello song and a body percussion activity!



My students love playing this game. It’s one of my favorite Kindergarten back to school music activities.


Elementary music class classroom game song to build classroom community. Easy to learn and play name game. "Johnny Plays the Drum Beat" is perfect for back to school and after winter break classroom meetings, music class, and preschool drumming and circle activities. Best for PreK and Primary music classes.


And while it’s great to FREEZE DANCE and PLAY GAMES, it’s also important to teach those classroom procedures and rules during that first week. Students need to hear your expectations and know what to do for entering, exiting the classroom, bathroom breaks, how to manage instruments and a little about you!

The Music Essentials Resource includes all of these materials to help you organized your classroom and your back to school activities. It’s perfect for back to school music activities. Set up all your procedures through songs and chants.

Elementary Music Teachers always need songs, games, and chants and activities for lessons and classroom management. Now you can get the basics you need to establish your music classroom in one resource.

New and returning music teachers LOVE the Music Songs, Activities, Games, Chants and First Week activities planner.

Your students will love the original songs, games, chants, and you will have the basic activities that you’ll need to get your Classroom and lessons organized.

These materials provide a foundation for a successful music classroom that is adaptable and flexible to use with any curriculum. The music class essentials basic set is the answer to your teaching success.


Elementary Music Class Lessons for the entire school year. Orff, Kodaly, Standards based music lessons for grades K-6. Imagine having music lessons for the entire school year for the general music classroom? With the Year Long Music Lesson Bundle of Bundles, you’ll have a scope and sequence of K-6 Lesson materials to build a curriculum or embellish your existing curriculum.

Music lessons, songs, games, activities are centered on the National standards around holiday/seasonal themes. Every monthly bundle includes video and audio files along with worksheets. This bundle has the materials for lessons, movement, and music programs.

Materials are based on both Orff and Kodaly methodologies! The planning pages help coordinate your entire year’s curriculum using the standards based scope and sequence. Each monthly music lesson bundle includes materials for Kindergarten through sixth (6th) grade.

This is a great resource for any General Music Classroom K-6 students.

MATERIALS FOR: Kindergarten through sixth (6th) grade.

Music Lesson Year Long Bundle: Lessons, Songs, Games, Activities K-6

Looking for a complete General Music Teacher Curriculum?

Check out the Music Teacher Essentials Plus the Year Long Music Lessons K-6 BUNDLE

I’m hoping your back to school music activities go smoothly!

Are you ready for back to school music class? Want a fun ways to greet your students? Here are some fun back to school music activities you can use on the first day of class.  Why not have some fun your first day of music class?

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