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Fun parachute activities for music class.

Fun Parachute Activities for Music Class



Today I’m sharing some fun parachute activities you can use in music class.

I love using a parachute in my music classroom.

They help students with social skills, beat, and form activities as well as singing.

Did you know that parachute songs, games, and activities can teach musical and movement concepts? And that they give students opportunities to explore through creativity and improvisation?  And yes, they make a great movement break for fitness. They also help with SEL social emotional learning.



I’m using the Bear Paw Creek small play parachute for 4 children to demonstrate the activities.

Bear Paw Creek Parachutes


You can take a stuffed animal and toss it onto the parachute.

Play some music and challenge your students to play the steady beat.

It’s going to take teamwork and listening skills.

Sing Play Create has many songs on Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes you can use for these types of activities.

“Let’s Walk Around the Sun” is a fun song for feeling the beat. Students can show the walking beat of the music using the parachute.

“Let’s Bounce It” also makes a fun parachute activity.

Place a koosh ball or stuffed animal on the parachute and have the students bounce the parachute on the word “bounce”.


Students stand in a circle with a parachute.

Choose a vowel sound  ah, ooo, oh, eee,

or a fun sound word like MOO, BEE or BUZZ.

Sing or show a vocal path.

Students use the parachute to show the high and low as they sing.

Do each one 2 times so they get a chance to work on singing and moving at the same time for each phrase.

Vocal Explorations Bundle of Activities

Animated Vocal Explorations for Music Class for the entire school year. Now Animated power points for students to use at Smartboards or on the computer. (Fall, Buggy, Penguin and Garden Resources currently have videos)

Themes and Lessons to help your students experiment with and explore their voices while preparing for note reading and developing singing skills, especially HIGH and LOW. Perfect for PreK- 3rd Grade.


Consider using a familiar song to help students show high and low.

Look for a song that has insects flying or high and low dynamics.

Songs from Camille Saint Saens “Carnival of the Animals” is just right for this type of activity.

I also recently released a song just for parachutes.

“Flying High and Low” Movement Song

There are 3 verses in the song. The first verse is about a butterfly, then a honeybee and finally a dragonfly will fly high and low around the garden.

In the first section of the song students will move the parachute low then high on beats 1 and 3.

During the refrain they’ll move the parachute low to the ground and then above the head and finally stop on the word stop.

Parachute Movement Song Activity for young children, "Flying High and Low" is an easy to learn parachute routine for children to learn via the video, music tracks and teaching presentation. Students will love waving, bouncing, high and low as the butterfly, honeybee and dragonfly fly through the garden. The intent is to have students experience a variety of actions of directional words that focus on high/low and responding to the music as they make brain/body connections.


Here are some songs and activities for parachutes using songs by Sing Play Create.

You can find these songs on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes and Apple Music

“Let’s Go Soaring” makes a good listening and responding activity.

In this activity students will listen to the lyrics and choose how to move the parachute on the key words.

Ask them to notice the TEMPO and show how the eagle flies high & low.

When the song gets to higher, ever higher, ever higher into the sky, what will they need to do before that section?

They will need to lower the parachute even bending down and then slowly raise it up high above their heads.


“Little Green Aliens” Movement Song

Students can lay down on this song with the parachute in their hands. 

They’ll have to slide their bodies a bit under the parachute. 

Have them respond to the music.

Little green aliens flying through space. . . sit up and bounce up and down.

Do you find our galaxy a very strange place? . . .faster bounces.

Little green aliens orbiting the moon . . . stand up and wave high and low slowly.

Are you coming to Earth anytime soon? . . .lie down after waving high and then lie down on the ground with everyone lying flat. Parachute stops/lands on earth.

It's time to sing and move like aliens flying through space. Children love adventures and will love singing the song about the little green aliens. It's an engaging action adventure song that will have your students reading, singing and moving. Whether for a music program, during your morning meeting, as a brain break or movement activity- you can help your students stay focused. This is an easy to use resource with video, vocal and karaoke tracks you can play anytime in your room or in a virtual setting.

After students have some experience with a story song, have them create their own actions to one of your class favorites!

I hope you got some fun parachute activity ideas from this blog post.

Parachute activities offer your students opportunities to learn music concepts in a different way, create, burn some energy and develop social skills.


Parachute Movement Activities - Music, PE, All Classrooms
Movement Activities Bundle #2: Freeze Dance, Scarves, Parachutes, Bean Bags
Creative Movement Activities Bundle: Bands, Scarves, Parachutes, Bean Bags

Looking for more creative movement activity ideas?



Let’s keep kids moving and learning with music!

Sandra from Sing Play Create
Did you know that parachute songs, games, and activities can teach musical and movement concepts? And that they give students opportunities to explore through creativity and improvisation?  And yes, they make a great movement break for fitness. They also help with SEL social emotional learning.
Here are some fun songs and activities for parachutes from Sing Play Create.



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Hi there!  I’m Sandra, one of the authors behind Sing Play Create.  My goal is to provide teachers with interactive resources and activities to improve the effectiveness of their teaching and enhance student learning.

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