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How to Teach “La” Using Songs and Games

I love teaching concepts in units of learning. Students are much more apt to remember and retain the concepts and skills through sequential skill development, repetition and then through performance. I also believe that they retain the concepts and skills when they can connect their learning to a positive experience–like playing games. So I took these familiar game songs and put in a new game. I know my students love dogs and they love pretending to be dogs and to play with dogs.
When I teach the “I Had a Dog” game, the students look at me like I’m a bit crazy!  I say-yes! I want you to pretend to be a doggie and roll to your master-then bark at him…then I ask them to think of what kind of dog they might be.  Are they a small little terrier or a big German shepherd? I absolutely love watching them play act like little dogs. They love this game and I do too because we’ve learned all about “la” and ti-ti and ta.
 If you’re interested, I have these two games in a resource in my store. They’re classics with a Sing Play Creatively twist-that your students will love.

Another favorite is “Snail, Snail”. One reason I especially like this game is that it builds trust between student and teacher and the between student and student.
Teaching all of these songs and games also gives you some ready to use activities for Subs and for the days you may not feel well. The students can “show” you the games and you can monitor their singing and playing easily. You can also use these for assessments. have some students sing alone or in small groups after they have a turn. Check out this amazing Freebie.
I found this fabulous FREEBIE over at Mrs. Stouffer’s Music Room
May your class be filled with lot’s of “la, la, la” using these fun songs and games.

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