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My Favorite Pins-NOVEMBER



Orffing Around - Thanksgiving lesson with children's lit, pitched instruments, song:

               When November rolls around I try to focus my thoughts on things I’m grateful for. Some of them are healthy and happy children and grandchildren, a dream job teaching music to elementary students and the opportunity to share my creative talents at my teacherspayteachers store. This month I’m linking up with Aileen Miracle to share my Five Favorite November pins–and all of them offer some FREE resources you can use in your classrooms.

 The first one is this cute multi-grade level Orff song that goes with the book “Run, Turkey, Run”, by Diane Mayr.
I love using literature in the music room-and the kids love it too.
I also love this simple arrangement that my students could put together fairly easily in just a lesson or two. The other great thing about this lesson is the quarter rest. What a fun way to teach or review that concept!

and this simple ostinato would would great with a small group of students working together on xylophones.

I might begin the lesson by tapping out rhythm,chanting the lyrics and singing the melody.
Then I might ask students to create movements for each line of the song. I might ask, “What if we show the notes moving up in ms. 3?”, and see what they create. Overall, this is a fun, easy and free lesson you can incorporate fairly easily into your lessons. You can find the link here: ORFFING AROUND

Another fun pin is a Game! Music with Sara Bibee created “Roll a Turkey” using dice.
You can find it for free HERE! I know the kids would like it because they love turkeys. You can make the game ahead of time and even laminate the pieces. There are 3 dice templates for 3 different levels of difficulty. I think it’d make a great game for the three days before the Thanksgiving Break.

                    FREE! Music Roll a Turkey Game- Learn Notes and Rests!:

Although the next pin is listed for Preschool–I think Kinders and even First Graders would love doing a READ A LOUD, SING A LONG with these songs. You could put them in a power point and play your guitar, xylophone or piano to the simple well know folk songs. You can find the link HERE.
                                          Tons of fun songs for preschoolers & toddlers!:

How about a fun activity song?  Here’s a free rap like tune that your students will love! “A TURKEY NAMED BERT”
                             Turkey Named Bert - Oh my, the kiddies love this! Brain break video:
You’ll find the Free Video activity link HERE.

Lastly, I thought I’d share this very nice and not too difficult ORFF arrangement of “SIOUX LULLABY”.
                            Post with free Native American songs and activities. Teacher tested!:
You can find the link to the site HERE.

Most of all I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.




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Hi there!  I’m Sandra, one of the authors behind Sing Play Create.  My goal is to provide teachers with interactive resources and activities to improve the effectiveness of their teaching and enhance student learning.

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