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Father’s Day Songs and Literacy Activities

Father’s Day is a great time to say “thanks” to Daddy. Children love to sing to “dad”. I’m sharing some Father’s day songs and activities you can use with your children.




“My Daddy” is an easy to learn cute song your students and children can sing to daddy. Use the amazing sing a long video and music tracks to teach students the song.

It’s an original Song or Poem by Sandra Hendrickson. Read the lyrics, sing the song and make the card for an engaging Preschool-2nd Grade Literacy Activity.


My Daddy is an awesome man.

He loves me YES it’s true.

I hug him every day and say; “Daddy I love you”!

Children love to make choices. That’s why I created 3 versions of “daddy” in the coloring and card making activities.

Father’s Day Literacy Activities: “My Daddy” Coloring, Card Activity, Poem/Song

This interactive resources not only has a video, but vocal and karaoke tracks you can use to teach the song.

Here’s what’s included in this resource!

  • Teaching Presentation
  • Vocal and Karaoke Tracks
  • Song Posters in Color and Black and White
  • Color Printable- 3 Versions
  • Card Making Activities- 3 Versions
  • Coloring pages with lyrics – 3 Versions
  • Vocal and Karaoke Tracks
  • Sheet Music


Singing, moving, reading and writing will meet the learning needs of almost all of your students. Where some will LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing the song, others may LOVE LOVE LOVE to color the pictures, and others will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to write a note to dad.

It’s important to offer a variety of activities for students to learn about Father’s Day and show respect to fathers.

If you need something with more variety and more literacy activities, you may want to look at this resource that has more poems, writing activities and a craft you can do at home or in summer school.

Father’s or Dad’s Day Song, Craftivity and Literacy Activities: {CCSS}

Some students may not have a father figure in the home, but a class discussion about other “father” figures can help these children understand and feel okay about Father’s Day.

Some other “father” figures can be represented through a religious organization, a grandfather, uncle, close adult male friend or even teacher. It’s a day to say thanks to the “men” in a child’s life.


  • Read the lyrics to the song.
  • Use the song as a Poem.
  • Sing the song using the sing along Video.
  • Color the Song poster
  • Make the card for Daddy
  • Hold a “get together with daddy day” and share the song and cards.

I’m hoping you found some ways to help children honor and respect their dad’s in this week’s blog post.

using these creative ideas for your children to connect music and literacy activities with Father’s Day.

Sandra from Sing Play Create

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