Get to Know You Music Class Game Song Freebie

Get to Know You Music Class Game Song Freebie

One of the best ways to kick off your back to school lessons is to play games. I love watching the looks on my students’ faces when I tell them, “Welcome back to school! Today we’re going to play a game.” That’s why I’ve created this exclusive get to know you music class game song freebie and lesson plan called “I Make Music.”

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Whether it is a Kindergarten or 6th grade class, students love to play games.

Games are fun to play.
Games build the classroom community.
Games help the teacher.



Students become more relaxed when they think they are playing a game instead of “working.” When everyone is playing a game, attitudes are usually more positive. Games include everyone.

Get to know you games can ease shy and fearful feelings.

I know that there are students who will NOT want to play games and don’t want to join in a large group activity. This can be a challenge during the first few weeks of school. My recommendation is to let that student have a “pass.” Encourage them to “watch” and join in when they are ready. Think inclusive versus exclusive. I’ve found that letting go of my expectations for 100% participation during those first few weeks helps everyone be a little more relaxed.


Music class requires group activities. We sing, play, and make music together. Playing get to know you games at the beginning of the school year helps everyone feel comfortable in a group setting. It gives the teacher and students opportunities to build trust with each other. It lets everyone see the “fun” side of the teacher. It helps the students realize that they have things in common with everyone else in the classroom.


Get to know you games can help the teacher see the whole student. I’ve found it helpful to play games and get to know my students in order to develop and implement specific and effective teaching strategies that increase student learning.

My number one goal with games is to get to know my students.

Elementary music teachers have to get to know a lot of students. It can be overwhelming! But when it comes time to redirect or enforce a rule, if you’ve played games with your students and have a relationship, you’ll find that the “medicine” goes down a little bit easier. That’s why I’ve found that get to know you games in a music class during the first few weeks of school not only help the teacher but also help the student, the class, and the whole school.

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Get To Know You Music Class Game Song Freebie

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