Free and Easy Back to School Activity

Free and Easy Back to School Activity

I know the last thing you’re thinking about is transition activities because you’re worried about planning for seven grade levels. I get it! That’s why I’ve put together a free and easy back to school activity.

Oh whoops! 

I’m planning for eight grade levels next year. I just got asked to teach preschool.

When you’re planning for so many different grade levels, you want to have some variety in what you’re preparing and teaching. Here are some tips to go along with the free and easy back to school activity you get when you subscribe to the Free Resource Library.

TIP #1

You don’t want to have to

all day long.

How to Prepare for Back to School

You’ll want to have some videos and your audio playlist ready so that you are not using your voice all day long. I prepare everything in PowerPoint. You can learn more about that HERE.

 How To Conquer Back to School Teacher Fear Sing Play Create5 Tips for an Amazing Back to School Music Class Sing Play Create

TIP #2

And you don’t want to go CRAZY teaching the same thing all day for five days in a row.

I go crazy anyway. 

So, you’ll want to have some variety in your lesson plans during those first few weeks of school. Kindergarteners can’t do the same things that 6th graders can do, and 6th graders don’t want to do the same thing as Kindergarteners—or do they?

That’s something to think about, right! 

How to Structure Back to School Lessons

I usually break down my first-week lessons like this:

  • Hello Song for each grade
  • Name Game for each grade
  • Rules and Procedures. I’ve created 2 sets of these, one for primary and one for intermediate. There are similarities in both presentations.

If you want more details about how to plan your lessons for the first few weeks of school check out this blog post: “My Favorite Back to School Activities.”

TIP #3

I like to use movement for all of my transitions. You can learn more about my ideas and resources HERE in this blog post, where’s there’s more free and easy back to school activities.

Quick and Easy Music Class Transitions Sing Play Create

Why use transitions?

I’ve learned that my students need transition activities that get them moving. I incorporate drumming, recorder songs, hand clapping, and songs that I’ve made up to help them transition from one activity or part of the lesson to the other. These are easy back to school activities.

One Easy Back to School Activity

For example:
Picture your Kindergarteners coming in the first day. They are not going to be able to find a spot or even tell you their name. I use sit spots in bright colors. I ask them to find any color and glue their feet to the spot. Some will sit down, some will wander, and some will glue their feet to the dot. I may use the drum and sing to them as they come into the room.

“Come on in, find your spot, find a pretty colored dot.” (I sing it on so-mi)

After I get everyone on their dot, I sing this song:

This easy to learn and FREE song is perfect for your PreK-3rd-grade classes. (And yes, I’ve sung it to my 6th graders in hopes of getting a smile or two). To get the free and easy back to school activity that includes a PowerPoint, poster, audio track,  and the song video, you can subscribe to the Sing Play Create Resource Library.

Back to school can be a lot of fun and the way I make it fun is to sing a lot and incorporate movement into all of the activities. Here’s hoping your back to school activities are fun too.

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Easy Back to School Activities

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