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Music Education Holiday Rhythm Games Freebie

What’s the best thing about December? I think you know and it’s more fun to give than to receive- right? As a music educator I get so excited about all the possibilities for fun lessons, that it’s hard to choose which ones to use each year. What I’ve found though, is that my students love games! So this month’s freebie is a holiday rhythm game for your music classes.

Music education freebie rhythm game for your holiday music classes.

















  1. ADAPTABLE- Use these games with your First through 6th graders. 

  2. FAST TO PREPARE-You can print this resource out and and use it the same day.

  3. STUDENT LED-You can play these games when your VOICE is TIRED!

  4. EASY TO USE-You can use these games in your sub tub.

  5. INTERACTIVE-You can use these games as part of your evaluation!  They use creating and critical thinking skills.


Holiday music education rhythm games freebie for your 1-6 grade students.











Moreover, you’ll be able to use the flash cards from the Free Holiday Beat and Rhythm activity that’s already in the Free resource library, and the new rhythm cards in this freebie.


you can use flash cards you already have in your classroom.

Free holiday icons from Sing Play Create.













You can download the freebie and use these rhythm cards in all of your holiday lessons and games!

Free rhythm flash cards for your holiday music lessons.












In addition, you’ll be able to use the posters in your classroom to help students play the games.


Just print the directions and cards and stick the materials in your sub tub.

Use the posters in your classroom to help students play the games. Print the directions for your substitute lesson sub tub.











In other words-

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You can find more Holiday Freebie music education resources in the Free Resource Library.

Holiday music education freebie beat and rhythm activities.

Free guitar chords in this holiday sing a long from Sing Play Create.   Reward your music students with these interactive free resources from Sing Play Create.    Holiday music education free coloring sheets.





Grab the Freebies HERE!

Elementary music education freebies for the elementary music educator





















I know!

The holidays can be the most “fun” and some of the most challenging times in the music classroom. Nevertheless, I’m hoping that these freebies can help you bring the joy into your music lessons this holiday season.

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Music education freebie rhythm game for your holiday music classes.





Free Holiday Rhythm games for your elementary music classroom.










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  1. Kristy Wells

    Thank you for this unbelievable free resource! As I read through, my mind is putting check marks on problems, or curricula/activities missing from my classes. I’ve promised the kiddos a week of after our winter programs this week, this will greatly add to our fun!

    1. Sandra

      Hi Kristy! You sound so dedicated to giving your kiddos great music lessons! Thank you for subscribing! Let me know of any topics you’d love to see covered in the blog.

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