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Songs, Chants Movement Activities for DECEMBER music activities in the elementary music classroom.

Songs, Chants and Movement Activities for December



Ho! Ho! Ho! let’s sing chant and move in December! This post is full of songs, chants and movement activities you can use in your music classroom.

These Activities are perfect for grades K-6 elementary music classes and concerts.


Movement activities can be a great transition activity in the elementary music classroom. Challenge students to follow along. After the video, have them sit down and be “as silent as snow”. Then sing or chant student names and move on through your music activities.


Have you every had your students learn a chant and then march around the circle on the beat as they clap and chant the rhythms?

Here’s an easy way to give everyone a chance to practice beat and rhythm together.

Follow the students around, tap the ones who are “getting” it- have them form a smaller circle in the middle of the larger one. Keep repeating the chant giving everyone a chance to “get” playing the rhythm as they march on the beat. If needed, stand in the middle of the circle and lead the class for a while. You can then choose some different students to be leaders through out this activity.

Use these songs sung to familiar tunes as chants in your music classroom. Includes 22 Songs, Poems, Fingerplays and Chants with hand Actions.

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I love to teach a variety of songs in music class so that during the last week we can have a sing a long and play instruments. Here’s some of my favorites.

Holiday Music Lesson: “Jingle Bells”


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I hope this post gives you some ideas for your December music lessons.

Sandra from Sing Play Create

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