Every frustrated that the students won’t listen to you first?
Ah? Grab a hold of a puppet. I have many types in my room and keep them on the piano for “handy” use. Here’s 3 heart foam shapes that I glue gunned to thin dowels. I use them to show High and Low and for Echo songs.Photo: Show HIGH LOW with stick puppets.

Here are some others I made from wash cloths. I purchased the animal wash cloths and I just use the same arm for all of them. They have a small opening in the back for your hands and I just stuff the arm through with me–it works really well.

I’ve made puppets too.   My snowman is out of a towel. I traced the shape and added in some flannel arms, hats and scarf to complete the look.
I never get over how much attention a puppet can get. I bring them out on those weeks when you know there is a full moon, or it’s just before a break or testing and some of the behaviors come out. I use a funny voice and just hold the puppet up right next to me.  I’ve also made them out of those paper plates you can purchase at any grocery store. I just use popsicle sticks for the holder. They work great. 
I’ve used puppets to help student sing too. Each of them get’s a little puppet and then they are that character in the song. “Over in the Meadow”, is a great song to use puppets with as the kids can hold their puppet and then “be” the little animal.
Puppets create a magical environment.
Puppets give a focal point.
Puppets distract in a good way.
Puppets relate to kids in their world.
Puppets can say and do things that the teacher can’t do.
So when you are teaching an echo song, try having the puppet sing and the children echo the puppet. That way if they are not doing it correctly the teacher can guide the students and the puppet can get a little silly, or angry, or disgusted or excited and it will make the learning fun.

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