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Why Poetry and Songs are Great Tools for Every Teacher

Let’s talk poetry today because using poetry and songs can help children develop literacy skills.


Poetry is a wonderful way to engage children’s attention. 
I remember memorizing all of the nursery rhymes and singing them while playing.
I loved the rhymes and the stories.
As a child, they were real to me and there was something enchanting about the rhymes and the funny characters.  Their stories amused and entertained me.
I imagined myself carrying a pail of water up the hill with my friend Jack- but of course I never tumbled down!
Poetry is essential to child development.  Rhymes aid language development, cognitive development, social/emotional development, and physical development.


Poetry expresses feelings and thoughts in a different way than prose.  It’s succinct, lyrical and rhyming.  It can be whimsical too which is appealing to children.
Fun poetry engages the imagination and the emotions- that’s how and why it’s so effective as a learning tool.
Poetry also emphasizes the sound and rhythm of language.  It can help build phonemic awareness and lay a foundation for beginning reading skills.
Mother’s day is a great holiday to  have children experiment with poetry and rhyming.


Poetry helps children develop their “imagination”.
Poetry patterns help children develop math and language skills.
Poetry sequences also help children develop math and language skills.
Poetry helps children develop oral fluency.
Poetry helps children make connections to audio and visual events.
Poetry helps children understand their feelings.

Read this article to get some more ideas on using songs and poems in your classroom.


Looking for some poetry and literacy activities you can use in your classroom?


If you’re looking for a creative literacy resource. You’ll want to check out this set of songs and poems for Mother’s Day.

Sweet and simple Mother’s Day Literacy Activities for your PreK-3 classroom.

Use as a literacy unit or for a Mother’s Day program.

Songs, Poems, Readers Theater and writing activities to help students share their feelings for the special mom, aunt, grandma, in their life.

Now with EDITABLE script.

Original Poems Songs sung to Traditional Tunes
Mother’s Day Card Writing Activity
Mother’s Day Program Script for 25 students (2 VERSIONS-with and without songs) NOW EDITABLE VERSION INCLUDED
6 songs and 3 poems
2 Program Invitation Templates
Writing Activities for the Songs (9 pgs.)
5 Generic writing activities
25 Speaking easy to learn parts
Total of 16 Writing Activities
1 Blank bordered page for editing
32 pages

Mother’s Day Program
Classroom Literacy Centers/Stations
Shared Reading time
Small group reading
Daily 5
Reader’s Theater for whole class or small groups
Use the Mother’s day Card writing activity as a gift.

The script parts RHYME!
Very cute, adorable and sentimental.
Simple, 1 sentence or phrases PreK-3 can learn easily.
Mom’s will love it!
All pages are black and white.

Homeschoolers will love this resource because the activities can be done by one child, or can be used with small groups. Even preschoolers will love to sing the songs and do the hand actions. Perfect for a small group setting. Choose the songs and poems that work well for your group.

Get this free Mother’s Day song and writing activity for your preschool, and Kinder music classes.

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