I don’t know about you, but my Dad was a true mentor to me. I think he wanted a boy first because he taught me how to play baseball, catch a football and take care of myself in the outdoors. Fortunately he did have a son-but not for eighteen years! I have four sisters between me and my brother.WALLACE JOHNSTONE's profile photo

Since I’m the oldest one and my brother is the youngest there’s quite a span between us.

My dad is from New York, and grew up in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but fell in love with California when he served in the army there for a couple years. He couldn’t decide where he wanted to live, New Jersey or California, so we moved about every five years back and forth across the country. I feel like all that moving had some benefits, but I also think it’s why I’m a bit “mixed” up!

Some of the core values my dad instilled in me are HARD WORK, PERSEVERANCE, EDUCATION, AND the Family motto: The Johnstone Clan Motto which means-NEVER UNPREPARED

My mom was only 18 when she gave birth to me. It’s been fun to have a “young” mom.

My dad grew up during the Great Depression. One thing he prides himself on is wearing and using things until they are worn out. Honestly, this can be a good thing-but he takes it a bit too far sometimes bragging that he’s wearing something from 1975! Definitely vintage clothing.

My dad’s mom was a principal. In fact she was the first female principal in the small town of Pima, Arizona. She was pro-education and passed that down to her children and grandchildren. She was a “forever” teacher. My memories of her are her teaching me how to do things. One thing was how to bake and especially, divinity-without electricity! I have to say that honestly, I didn’t enjoy that experience. She was very precise and had me use a knife to measure out the exact amount of  flour. She also wrote use when we moved to California and she always asked what books we were reading.He’s always said he wished he’d been a teacher. Here he’s teaching one of my sons something…

My dad followed in her footsteps. One thing he was very particular about was memorizing things. He’d have us memorize our speaking parts, quotes from books and scriptures. He also had us give book reports every week to him. We had to stand up and tell him about the book and answer questions. If nothing else, I was/am very well read in the classics and it did really help me in college. It was a good thing I like to read!He tends to be a bit stern. So when I met my husband I was nervous to bring him home for Christmas. But as you can see, I think my dad is just glad there’s another man in the family!

He can be pretty serious- but he does have a sense of humor.

My dad is a pretty unique man. He was walking 10 miles a day until his feet had some nerve damage. Now at 84-almost 85, he rides his bike every day. He has a schedule that he  moves through from yard work to reading to watching a football game, listening to music and doing family history. His favorite retirement activity has been to be a child advocate for the county where he lives. I treasure the times I’ve been able to visit him. He is a man with a purpose; he is tough, strong and smart! I marvel at his self-determination, and can only hope that I will be able to follow in his footsteps.

I hope you have an opportunity to say thanks to or remember your dad. To  say THANK YOU to all the dad’s out there I’m setting one of my Father’s Day songs for FREE in my store for a week.

Father’s or Dad’s Day Song, Craftivity and Literacy Activities: 

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